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Nov 18, 2013

The road to where?

I feel so empty.  There's no road to complete........yet!  Actually, I need some rest this winter to get my legs back for next season.
Trails, trails, and more trails
I've been giving Monday morning recaps for so long that I don't know what to do with myself.  Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm happy to take a step back and NOT train for a marathon just yet.  Right now my next marathon is scheduled for August 2014.   Yea, I had to sign up an entire year early to get into this one.   It's the North Country Trail run, a small race that limits the runners since it's a single track course.  I'll be running it with my buddy, Kevin.

As of now, I have North Country and Back to the Beach on the schedule as well as all the Kona Running Company races and I'm sure I'll do weekly recaps when the time comes for the marathon but now is a time to start looking for more races in 2014.  In my quest to run every race in the world Michigan, I'm looking at what I want to run for next year.

I've always got my typical favorites but I also love running new ones to get some variety and this year I have an agenda to run more trails - whether that's at races or just in training - because I love it on the trails.   I guess being signed up for a trail marathon will force me out there in training more, huh?

Here's some of my potential races for next year that are on my radar but I'm open for suggestions - both road and trail races.  I would love to run some new half marathons.  This year I have the Novi Half Marathon on the list.

I was supposed to do a 50k in 2014 and still might be but it will depend on whether I run Chicago or not.  Right now the Trail 50k in April is not a likely option.  I need the rest and would need to start training for it shortly and I just am not ready to start training for that distance.

January - Auto Show Shuffle 5k

February - ??

March - Kona St. Patrick's Day Run(Dublin Double)

April - Trail Half(possible 50k, gulp) in Pinckney; Traverse City Trail Festival 25k

May - Novi Half; Back to the Beach trail half(registered); Bayshore Half

June - Kona 10 mile; Solstice Half in Glen Arbor; Charlevoix Half

July - ??

August - North Country Trail Marathon(registered)

Sept - Woodstock half, DWD 50k(if it does not go through the swamp this year - anyone know?)

Oct - Chicago full(assuming no Lottery); Detroit half; Wicked Halloween 10k

Nov - Mustache Dache 5k; Kona Chocolate Run 10k; Rugged Man 4.8 Trail

Dec - ??

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. It sounds like you have quite a few in mind for next year already. I haven't figured out the plan for next year yet and need to get on top of that. Thanks for the Bayshore reminder - registration is already coming up in a couple weeks so I guess we need to decide if we're going to do it or not.

    In March, you could consider The Lucky Leprechaun 5K in Utica if they do it again. That was a nice race. In December, possibly Run Like the Dickens in Holly. Another good one. Any thoughts about doing another tri next year? Olympic distance? I suppose it might be tricky to manage the training with your August marathon though.

    1. Dickens in Holly possibly next year. Maybe a Tri but only a sprint if I can fit one in. I'd like to and have been looking.

  2. That's a great picture. I only have one race scheduled for next year so far - Estes Park in June (I think). But I'm like you, I enjoy resting from time to time, but I need a goal to shoot for or I feel like I'm just kind of wandering.

    1. Thanks Jim. It's in Notthern Michigan. Yes, I seem better on a plan.

  3. I'm very pleased I don't have to plan my whole year from early on, but looking back at my marathon last week, I might focus on one next year and then it's got to be from a couple of months out...

    So maybe it is time to plan for next year...

    1. Coach the races I do we don't normally have to sign up that far in advance but they really limit the amount of runners on the North Country so it's very popular.

  4. You won't be going through the swamp, unless they change the course. The swamp portion is for the 50 miler or relay. We do go through water, but nothing swampy!