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Nov 21, 2013

Gone for a Run Bib Display Frame review

As I mentioned last week on the blog, I became a Gone for a Run Ambassador.  From time to time, Gone for a Run website will send me products that they sell, related to running, and I will choose one and review it here.  This is the first of many reviews I will do.  For my first product, I chose their Bib Display Frame.  Check it out:
Gone for a Run Bib Display Frame
I think that many runners save their bibs.  I actually have ever bib from every race I've ever done.  Even if you don't save every bib, many of you probably save the special ones.  You know, like your marathon PR or a major marathon.  I like to display my running stuff - who doesn't?  Rather than having that bib sit in a desk drawer, you can display it nicely with this Bib Display Frame.

The quality is very nice and you have the option to personalize the frame with what you want at the bottom(2 lines).  You could put the race name and time you finished or any other thing that you wanted.  In my case, I asked them to put "Detroit Runner" on the frame at the bottom.  It's etched into the plastic cover.  Here's a close up:

The product is very simple.  You unscrew the four screws in the corners in order to lift off the top plastic from the frame.  I like how they designed the screws on this as you only see the screw part from the back of the frame so it has a nice sleek look on the front.

Put in your race bib and/or photo in between the black plastic and the clear plastic and reattach the front with the bib in the center.

You also have a couple options in regards to displaying the unit.  You can display it just like a picture frame, which is what I really like:
Picture frame
You also have the ability to hang it up on the wall:
Hang it!
You also have the option to decide how you want the frame orientated as landscape or portrait.  In my case, since I have the "Detroit Runner" at the bottom, there is only one way to display it but if you printed something on the other end, you could have it the other way.  You can also choose to not have any customization on it so you can display it anyway that you want.

I tried a couple different sized bibs.  This one, from the Detroit half marathon, is actually the biggest bib I've ever received for a race(it's huge!) to give you an idea of how it fits.  Still lots of room in the frame if you wanted to add something else to it.
My largest bib of 60 races
I also put in my most recent Marathon bib from the Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis.  Here it is displayed as a picture frame and also on the wall.
A more typical size bib
The final product
In the end, I decided to mix it up a little bit and not only included my marathon bib but also a couple pictures of my running buddies and I after the finish of the marathon.
The final product with bib and 2 pictures
It's so easy to do(it only took me a minute to set up), you can change it out very easily and/or purchase several to make a display of several of your bibs.  The cost is a reasonable $17.99 to $26.99 depending on what you choose.

This makes a great gift for yourself or for any runner you might know and a wonderful way to display your favorite bib.  What a great Christmas present!  Gone for the Run is also offering a 10% coupon for my readers to purchase a Bib Display Frame of your own on their website.  Just use the code:  DETROITRUNNERBIB on their website by December 3rd.

Interested in learning more or buying one for yourself?

Go to Gone for a Run website, HERE.

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Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Note:  I received a Gone for a Run Bib Display Frame in exchange for this review.  I was not paid otherwise and all opinions on this blog are my own.  I was not required to give any particular opinion on this product except an honest one.


  1. Have never kept a race bib, that said the bib from a race I did in France is still hanging up in the club... That said the frames look quiet nice and I like what you did with the 2 pictures and the bib.

  2. I'm really glad to see that the photo frame looks nice with (and fits) the Free Press bib. I have a bibfolio from Gone for a Run and, of course, the Freep bib doesn't come close to fitting in the page inserts because it's so gigantic. It's still a really neat looking bib, though, and I hated to just leave it laying around on my sofa table.