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Dec 15, 2012

Pearl Izumi Infinity Windblocking Jacket review

3.1 miles today.  Raced the 5k Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis.  Renewal by Andersen of Detroit sponsored me.  Full race review coming.

Pearl Izumi
A couple weeks ago I purchased a Pearl Izumi Winter Jacket, specifically the Pearl Izumi Infinity Windblocking Jacket.  As I said in a previous post, I was looking for another winter jacket to swap out with my NorthFace jacket so I didn't have to wear one jacket everyday.

I've worn this exclusively for the last couple weeks so that I would be able to provide a good review for the blog.  The jacket has many features for runners and you can really tell that the jacket has been well thought out for the runner.  It's a bit heavier than my NorthFace Jacket but it's also rated for under 30 degrees temperature.  Since around these parts, that pretty much what it would be in winter, it fits in perfect.

The jacket is wind and water resistant which is really necessary in a winter jacket for running to help keep you try and warm.  This certainly does this.  In fact, the jacket can even start to get warmer than you might like it but overall feels great for temps under 30.  I also love the new technology built into running clothes these days.  When you put on this jacket, you would not think that it's breathable but the technology is there and you do not feel clammy as you run in this which is a big plus in keeping you comfortable even when the weather isn't.

Two other great features of the jacket are thumbholes for your hands and, if you forget your gloves, you can pull over the ends to create a built in mitten.  How convenient.

Built in mittens
Pulling this over your hands not only helps keep them warm but the fit of the jacket is perfect to allow more room so this works properly without feeling like the arms are too short.  While I typically wear gloves or mittens, it's nice to have this built in just in case.

Zipper garage
Another feature that I look for in every jacket I wear is a zipper garage.  The zipper garage helps keep the zipper down and away from your skin.  The last thing I want is a zipper hitting my neck during my run creating a chafe.  Ouch.  It's a must, in my opinion, for every jacket you run in.

This jacket also has two hand pockets, which I don't have in my other jacket, and it also has a rear pocket at your back.  I love having a pocket here because you can easily put your phone or camera in this pocket and it does not bounce around all over the place.  As you can also see, there are not only reflective strips on the back of the jacket but the front as well for better visibility at night.  Even with this though, I typically wear a headlamp because it's still not enough reflection needed when running at night.

Extra protection at zipper to keep wind/rain out
Another great feature of the jacket is at the zipper.  There's an extra lining at the zipper to help keep out water and wind.  As you know, if you are cold during your run, whether from wind or getting wet, it makes for a miserable run.  Not to worry with this jacket as far as I can tell.  I've not yet run in a rainstorm but then again, it's cold so we'd be more apt to have snow than rain right now.

The retail cost of this jacket is $135 but I was lucky enough to get it on sale for $80 and had another 20% discount so I got it for the rock bottom price of $64.  A super deal for a jacket of this quality and I'm extremely happy with the decision to purchase this.

Overall, the comfort for the jacket is wonderful.  I can run long in cold, snowy temperatures and it does not bother me to be out there for a long time.  They also offer a couple other color options as well if you didn't want black.  I purchased mine from runningwarehouse(dot)com.  It's currently $107.95 on their website.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Note:  I purchased this jacket for myself and all opinions here are my own.


  1. I think I saw you at the Jingle Bell run this morning getting an award. I told my friend: "There's Detroit Runner. I read his blog!"
    It was like a celebrity sighting...ha ha! I was going to say "hi" but my friend got a medal in her age group and when she was done, you must have left. We did the 10K and I PR'd by 30 seconds, so I was happy! Congrats on your medal!

  2. Ha. That was me! I will have my race review tomorrow on the race. Wish I would have met you but we had already waited over an hour so we were ready to go.

    1. I can imagine you had been done for awhile especially having ran the 5K then waiting for the 10K. Was looking forward to the Q'doba soup party until I saw they were really soup "shots." Overall, though, I enjoyed the race a lot.

  3. Wow! This is nice. Thanks for sharing the details of the jacket here. I must share this with my friends too because we love the thumbholes. Also, I bought some nice Alo Yoga pants that are going to look great with this jacket. Black is the perfect color for me.