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Oct 28, 2013

The Road to Indiana.......Week #17

Here's the schedule and actual week:

Monday Rest (Actual -  weights, yoga)

Tuesday 6 miles (Actual - 6.01 miles)

Wednesday 4 miles (Actual - 4.02 miles, yoga)

Thursday 4 miles (Actual -  4.01 miles, weights)

Friday 4 miles (Actual - 4.01 miles, yoga)

Saturday Rest (Actual -Rest)

Sunday 6.20 (Actual - 6.31 - Wicked Halloween 10k)

Total miles:   24.36 miles

Finished off the week with another race!(full review tomorrow)  You would think with much less miles that things would be great but it's a time I feel things I don't normally.  For example - I can feel my muscle from my foot to the side of my shin.  I can also feel my achilles heal which I've never had issues with. 

As I write this, I'm wearing compression sleeves on to help it.  It's not bad but I only ran 6 miles Sunday so I always worry what it's going to feel like at mile 16 on.  I decided to take an unplanned rest day today.  In fact, I would not rule out being done and resting the remainder of the week.  We'll see.

While I have not completely ruled out a BQ, I highly, highly doubt that it will happen.  I'd be happy with a new PR and even if I don't get that, I'll be happy with a finish line beer!  Ha!

Hope your training is going well.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I like the idea of aiming for a beer at the end of a race... Maybe I should do that!

  2. I've had some unplanned rest days as well but I can feel it was worth it and necessary. Take it easy.