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Oct 10, 2013

A change of seasons - what's your favorite?

So what's your favorite season for running?  I'm sure of some of you don't really have seasons depending on where you live, but here in Michigan, we have four distinct seasons.  I actually like all four seasons in different ways but my favorite is still Fall.

Fall - what's not to like about it?  It's great temperatures to run.  The change in color is typically incredible!  The mornings are cool for running but warm up during the day for other activities. It's Cidermill time - who can resist a donut and cider on a fall day?  It's racing peak season here - marathon!  There's plenty of races to choose from.  It's all around a great season.
Finishing Grand Rapids Marathon in the Fall(check out the tree colors)
Spring - I also love the temperatures in Spring.  While the trees are not as pretty, in my opinion, there are some that look awesome but many still look fairly drab.  Again it's the beginning of racing season so there are certainly plenty of races to choose from.
Prior to a spring trail race
Summer - Ok, I admit that running in the summer in 90 degrees is not my favorite but I do enjoy the warmer temperatures to swim at the lake or the pool.  I still run but try to get it out oft the way very early when it's not hot.  Even on weekends, many times we start at 7am.  I also enjoy being out on the trails during summer.  There's not as many races in the hot season but still enough to keep you busy.
During the Charlevoix Half Marathon - Summer
Winter - while many do not like running in winter, I do it all year outside.  We still have fairly mild winters(except last year) and I just slow down to not slip on the snow or the ice.  I also use spikes on my shoes so I keep my traction.  Other than running, Winter can suck it!  Haha!  If I could, I'd live on a warmer climate during winter.  I wouldn't miss the snow or ice at all!
After a REALLY cold winter run. Even my buff froze!

So tell me what you like about your favorite season?

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10 miles outside today.  My last mid week double digit run in this marathon training session - thank God!  Ha!  These are probably my most brutal runs through the whole schedule.  I'm happy that I finished today's feeling strong which isn't usual for these.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Fall is my favorite! Then winter, spring, and summer. Michigan falls are still the best. The New England ones are pretty and all... that whole hurricane threat thing sorta dampens the love!

  2. Summer is my favorite. I have stated this many times on my blog. Give me hot and humid days all year long!!! I really need to move out of the northeast ... ha!

  3. Tough question, I love all of our seasons. Fall would be #1 with spring in a very close 2nd place, summer in 3rd and winter in 4th. I don't really mind winter running, I just hate all the layers we have to wear.

    I just made a very cool observation of your GR marathon photo. See the two guys behind you, one in a white hat & white s/s top and the other in the red s/s top? The guy in the white is my dad pacing our friend Dave (in red)!

    1. Haha. That is awesome. I thought they came in before me!

  4. I enjoy all the seasons and also enjoy running in all the seasons. But I am a winter person first. The colder the better for me.

  5. Fall first, Spring second. I live in the Pacific Northwest so fall can be the longest season some years. There are very few times a year it is rough to run here. I have learned to love running in the rain and the importance of a good windproof jacket/vest.