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Oct 12, 2013

My last 20 miler......

Ok, not really my last ever considering I'm already signed up for a trail marathon next year, but for this training cycle.  I originally planned to run my last 20 miler on trails - the Vasa Trails to be exact but the elevation may have scared me off.  It's over 4,000 feet gain.  Yes, you read that right!  I don't really want to take a chance on hurting myself with that elevation with the marathon three weeks away.  While I've run hills, I've run nothing this hard.  Most on Facebook said go for it but I just don't know.

I'll still have an opportunity to run the 20 miler in the fall colors but with slightly lower elevation.  While I know I'll need to do some of these high elevation runs when trail marathon training, Indiana is flatter than a pancake so it's not necessary for me to do it now.   Ok, well, not pancake flat but really, really flat.  Check it out.

And just to give you a comparison, here's the 25k route for the Vasa Trails.  Keep in mind this is ONLY 25k, not a marathon distance or even 20 miles so I'd still need to run an additional 4.5 miles.

I will say that the timing is perfect for peak fall colors so I'm sure the run will be epic but I just don't think I can chance it(or it's smart to chance it) but then I've never been one to be that smart about running.  I'll let you know what I decided after my run is complete.

Anyone run it before?  Tell me your experience.  I plan to run this for sure next year.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Running with the fall colors will be epic. Enjoy.

  2. Running the last 20 on trails should help with the recovery time. I still need to do another 20 miler, but my legs are still feeling all blown out so I may do so in the middle of the week. We are running a marathon on the same date, and I wish I was going into it with your training log and not mine.

  3. With my half raced it's time to switch into marathon mode and also thing about those 20 milers. My friend ran Berlin and was on pace for a PR till 35km... He lost 7 min from there to the end! if I race my next marathon I don't want that to happen. you don't want that to happen got to love those 20 milers...

  4. I ran the vasa 25k last weekend (in the rain) for my scheduled 16 miler. It was one of the toughest runs I've ever had! But this week my 18 miler felt like a breeze on a paved trail. My favorite loop of the Vasa is the 10k. Usually I will cobble together the 10k + 5k loops to get whatever mileage I need. You will have to give it a try sometime!

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