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Oct 3, 2013

September Recap!

Wow! Another month and this was packed with running.  My highest month in 2013!
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Miles Run:  186.74 miles.  My highest mileage in 2013.  Woohoo!!!

Miles Biked:  0 miles.  It's all marathon training focused.  No cycling.

Miles Swam: 0 miles.  Another big fat zero.

Weights:  8 weight sessions; that's my goal!  Happy I've kept this up.  First time all the way through marathon training.

Yoga:  15 sessions; another good month of yoga!  All at home.  I use the iPad app called Simply Yoga.

Races:  Only one race this month but I was all raced out from August - the Brooksie Way half marathon(review HERE)

Rest days:  Only 3 complete rest days but really anything with just yoga I also count as rest days - this would be really 8 days that way.

My legs are feeling pretty good overall so I've been really happy with my running.  I've got a big month coming up in October and November to finish out the year strong.

How did your September go?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. You have certainly made sure to keep up with the yoga. I really need to add that into my training! Nice monthly mileage too!!

  2. There is so much more I would love to add to my training... So I'm going to buy a LOTTO ticket and if I win big this weekend I will become a full time athlete: Run, cycle, swim, gym, canoe, stretch, rest and then drink!!! sounds great to me, lets hope I win...