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Jun 25, 2013

The power of a golf course run

Last week while on vacation, I decided to run around the golf course near my cottage.  I had not really done this much but running it(of course, early so as not to disturb golfers) was a nice treat.  For those of you that don't golf, the fairway has a cushion on it like no other surface and is excellent for running.  I think I might actually try running the entire 18 holes in the future.  Here's a few pictures from my run.

I started off at my cottage.  This is on the side of my home.  I'm testing out my Tifosi Podium XC sunglasses with a full review coming soon.

The course is a little over a mile away - well, actually it's across the street but where I can access it, is about a mile away so I started off on the streets to get there.  It was a great day for a run!

Street view
Soon I was upon the course and which my first view of the bridge over a pond.  This is one of my favorite pictures while running and one of the best I've ever gotten running.
I love the reflections in the water
As I made my way over to the bridge, I snapped a quick picture while running over the bridge.  I love running over bridges and this was especially nice.  I'm making my way onto part of the golf course at the end of the bridge.

Bridge view
As I was on the bridge, I snapped a picture of the subdivision clubhouse.  Of course, it was pretty quiet considering it was in the early morning.

As I continued on my run, you can see how lush the golf course is.  It's got a great feeling while running on it.  Since I've golfed the course before, I knew there would not be any golfers out there yet since this is on the back half of the course.
Nice pond view
As I made my way through the course, I ended up back on the golf path that was paved.  This is an especially nice area and has a couple small hills as well.

I also got a picture of my favorite home in the subdivision.  It's an awesome looking home and this is the back of the home looking onto the pond(pictured two above).
My favorite home upnorth
With that, I made my way off the course and back onto the streets and home.  It's about a four mile loop in total and a nice relaxing route to run.  A new scenery is always a great way to refresh your love for running but having that soft surface makes it even nicer.

What's some of your favorite running surfaces/routes?


3 miles today in my subdivision.  Back to my boring route.  Haha!  Hot and humid already this morning!


Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Sounds like a nice run Jeff. There is a Half Marathon that is run on Angus Glen Golf Course just outside Toronto...the course had hosted PGA tournaments including the Canadian Open. Would be a cool race to try some time...

    1. Not sure I would like it much in November but I like the idea.

  2. What a beautiful course! Love it...great views!

  3. Running on a golf course sounds great. I used to go to tournaments and always loved walking the courses. Always well taken care of and beautiful. Love running new places too.

  4. Great pictures. What a beautiful day and course for a run.

  5. That looks like a nice course! I love that bridge picture, it really is beautiful

  6. Lovely run and photos! Golf courses offer beautiful running places and scenery. My favorite running is on trails in either the South African Bushveld where you will see the typical African Wildlife or running in the high mountains.