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Jun 30, 2013

"On the Lips of Children" by Mark Matthews book review

Ok, ok, I know, this doesn't look anything to do with running but it really is related to it.  First off, the author, Mark Matthews, who is local to the Detroit area, is an avid runner.  Also, this is the story of a young couple who travels to run the San Diego Marathon.  In their travels, they end up "meeting" a family living on the streets and the drug smuggling tunnels between the USA and Mexico.  It's not only the story of their survival but also the story of a family living in those tunnels and their survival.

The story is written with incredible detail.  Now it's not all about running but that is the basis for part of the story.  Really, this is a horror story, and one you could see that could really happen -- well, maybe -- it feels true enough that it scares the crap out of you.  Without spoiling the book, it will make you think next time you decide to run in a new city and in the dark.

As I was reading it, I could relate to the story as I'm not one to be worried about my surroundings when out running no matter the time or day.  The world is a big place and running is a great way to visit a new city.  However, most people think I'm crazy to run in the dark in unknown places or in different countries alone.  I guess I never worried about ---- until I read this book! Haha!

There's quite a dark side to it but one that keeps your attention throughout the book.  In fact, I ended up reading the book in one sitting while I was on vacation.  Rarely do I read a book all at one time so it says something coming from me.  If I'm not interested, it will take me weeks on end, even months to finish a book.

I've read one of Mark's other books, The Jade Rabbit, which also was a good story but this book is one that I think every runner will enjoy reading, especially if they are looking for a bit of a scare with it.

The book is available on Amazon, HERE, and should be out in print shortly.  At $3.99 for the digital copy, it's certainly worth the read.  You can also check out Mark's blog, Running, Writing, and Chasing the Dragon HERE which does talk quite a bit about running.

Have a great day and....Keep running!!!!

* Note - I received a digital copy of this book for this review.  All opinions on this blog post are my own and I was not paid or required to give a particular opinion on the product.

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  1. Thanks Jeff! Paperback is expected out within a couple of weeks. And btw, it is based on a true trail and a true trail run in San Diego.