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Jun 11, 2013

The importance of shoes with running.....

Some shoes in my current rotation
I was talking the other day to a co-worker who signed up for the Detroit Marathon this October.  It will be her first marathon.  In fact, the longest she has run is a 10k but it's a bucket list item for hers.  Of course, we've been talking about running and the subject of shoes came up.  I think I know a thing or two about running shoes.

Her training plan started last week and she is running in six year old running shoes.  I suggested that she might want to get a new pair(or three) - two to train in and one to break in before the marathon instead of running in old shoes.  Of course, my thought process is you really should have some new shoes that fit how you run.  There's no better way to do that than going to the local running store and buying a pair.  Yes, they are expensive but a couple hundred dollars is worth it to help prevent injury(in my opinion) and make sure they are the proper fit.

She does not feel it's needed and can run in what she has because, in her pre-training plan, she has not had any issues.  The longest run was five miles in the pre-training plan and while her she may have worked up to now, it's about to get real and distance makes a difference - at least I think so.

Her theory is that people run barefoot so shoes are not really that much of an issue. Perhaps some of you agree with that.  Or not....  Of course, they make all kinds of shoes and I've worn all kinds of shoes.  While I don't always like every shoe I've run in, for me, the shoes make a difference especially when I'm marathon training.  What works for me does not work for everyone but I believe most should start out in a properly fitted shoe.

So give me your thoughts and give her your suggestions.  Tell me your experiences.  I just don't want to see her get hurt and not be able to complete her goal of completing her marathon.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Shoes make a huge difference to me. I might be an odd situation, running at a solid 250 lbs +, but if I get the wrong shoes, it can be a disaster. Tat being said, obviously these shoes work for her. As long as they are not dangerously broken down (holes or cracks), they are still good for her. I do agree that they will probably not make it through a marathon training season.

  2. She is putting herself in a dangerous situation and I would be surprised if she didn't end up injured or even sidelined and unable to complete/compete in the race. That said you've warned her and it's up to her to make the appropriate decision. Don't be surprised when she comes to you asking for advice about pain though.

  3. I'm with you, shoes make a world of difference! She really needs to get to a running store and get fitted...before those six year old shoes cause her problems!

  4. If she is young and rests lots and keeps her runs short she might get away with it... I run in a lot of shoes and my 5 fingers have over 1000 miles on them, while other shoes start off fine then after a couple of 100miles they are no good, and the older I get the more careful I need to be about my shoes...

    Good Luck to her

  5. Besides the obvious issues with running in such old shoes, who doesn't want a reason to buy new shoes?!

  6. Shoes are ridiculously important. Sure, people run barefoot. That doesn't mean a worn out shoes won't cause you problems. Worn down shoes do not equal barefoot running. And 5 miles at a time (15-20 mile weeks) is drastically different than 20+ miles (40-50 mile weeks). I trained last year in only one pair of shoes and I don't think that was smart (although I was okay).