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Jun 11, 2012

Time for less running???

Rest day on the schedule today.


Yes, I know -- I'm not excited about running less.  If I could continue the pace I have this season, I'd probably do it but I can't.  Three half and a full in five weeks = too much!  I need bionic legs.
If only I had bionic legs like this
So the reason for this discussion?  I'm having hip issues.  My left hip hurts on the outside.  It seemed to do well for about 7-8 miles on Saturday then it hurt.  Well, was sore - not sharp pain.  Still sore through the weekend so that's why I've taken off two days.  It feels better this morning which tells me I'm probably running too much and should back off.  We'll see how a short run(3 miler) will do tomorrow.

This does not mean I won't run but perhaps just run less.  Maybe get back into my cross training?

Perhaps I should read this?

The plan is to possibly remove a day of running?  I don't really want to but I've got 6 days until my next half marathon and I'd like to feel like I've rested up enough to perform well.

In any case, I want to make sure I'm better in two weeks when I start training again for the marathon.  Holy cow!  Already!  It feels like I just finished!!!  I'm just glad the next one is flat!  Haha! The Flying Pig really did a number on me this time around.  Maybe I should consider moving to the half marathon in fall instead of the full?  Uhg!

Have a great day and....Keep Running(although maybe a little less for me)!!!!


  1. Less running, and more targeted runs, is what finally got me my BQ. During the thick of some training periods. I had weeks of maybe 15 miles. Of course, as I say this, I'm worried the Ann Arbor course is prepping to thrash my theory. From reading your blog, you seem incredibly disciplined and regimented.

  2. 3 halfs and a full in 5 weeks is definitely a lot!!! Sounds like you are being smart and listening to your body. Hopefully a few days off and you will be ready to race this weekend :)

  3. hope that your hip feels better soon. It's so hard cutting back, but sometimes it's what works best. Hopefully this cutback will help your training and your body will thank you

  4. Always wise to back down. I know I'm a bad example of running less but I think one knows when it is time. Take care!

  5. More crosstraining maybe, strengthen those muscles!

  6. I hope rest helps and that your hip feels better.

    Run Less Run Faster is an interesting read. I feel like I'm pressing my luck when I run more than 3 days a week, and it seems to work for me to have 3 "quality" runs each week - speed, tempo, and long. It talks about the importance of cross-training as well, and I enjoy mixing in strength training, biking, etc. so it's probably the ideal plan for me. I have to admit I still haven't actually followed any of the plans specifically. I take the general idea and roll with that, and look back at the book now and then for workout ideas and other info. They definitely make some good points in the book.