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Jun 7, 2012

Half marathon #8 coming soon

5 miles on the schedule today....done!  What a fantastic finish.  I do love the fact that the sun is coming up when I'm finishing my run.  It gave me a great boost of energy at the finish.
Beautiful sky this morning

I've got my next half marathon coming up on Father's Day.  It's the Ann Arbor Half Marathon.  As I have posted, I'm going to be running sponsored by Renewal by Anderson of Detroit.  They have sent me their shirt and I've worn it and ready to race in it.

This is an inaugural marathon so it should be interesting.  I really hope that it's organized.  I've not been to an inaugural race except for ones put on by Kona Running Company and I never worry about them because they know how to put on a race.  Champions for Charity and Running Fit are involved in this one and they have done many other races so I suspect it will be quite organized.

Check out the medal.  How awesome is that?
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As you can see, University of Michigan is on this as we run through parts of U of M.  According to their website, they will showcase many of the beautiful and memorable areas of U of M and Ann Arbor.  I can't wait!!!  I'm even thinking of running with my camera this time.  It starts outside the "Big House", runs through UofM and Ann Arbor and finishes on Elbel Field.  That sold it for me - a field finish has such a great feeling to it.

For those of you that have not been through Ann Arbor, it's hilly.  Check out the elevation map:
Click to enlarge
Frankly, I'm not looking forward to another hot, hilly race.  I need something flat.  Unfortunately, I won't see anything flat until the fall.  I also can't wait to meet the other runners that will be running this for Renewal by Anderson of Detroit as well.

I know there was some controversy about this race about the timing of it.  You can read more about that from Mark's Matthews, blog - Writing, Running and the Human Experience  It's a good blog post.  I don't much care about the hoopla - there's always someone that complains, right?  Can't we all just get along?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Good luck! Wish I wasn't going to be out of town that day. I could at least be a cheerleader for you :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out jeff! Yes, there's a big difference between acknowledging the challenges of a course and the probable heat, and complaining and whining about it. As a U of M grad and a fan since I was 5, us Wolverines already have this sometimes deserved arrogant and elitist reputation.

    (You just did the flying pig, which I think has the same elevation.)

    No, this is not a course to run for a PR, but for the experience. We'll see. It should be interesting. I've never run in an inaugural event like this. Can't wait.

    Hope to see you there.

  3. Awesome! Sounds like a great race. Take your camera, there will be something you want to take photos of.

  4. It's too bad there are so many complainers. There are some whenever Brooksie Way rolls around too. That was the first time I became aware of people getting so worked up over a race and it surprised me. Now I guess I'm not surprised so much anymore, but it's still too bad. I hope it's a nice race and not too hot. I'm looking forward to reading both your and Mark's reviews. Maybe it's one I'll be able to consider next year.

    By the way Mark, I hear you about the reputation Wolverines get. It doesn't help when there are a bunch of whiners!

    1. Yeah, that was kinda what I was alluding to. I'm thinking those who whine just sound louder than the rest, which is why I wanted to send out some positive vibes.

  5. I run A2 weekly as I work in the city and I can assure you that the elevation map is very true. Oh the hills. I actually complain to my running partner every time we run, "can't you find a less hillier place for us to run?!!" To which he responds, "so you want to drive somewhere else then?" I def think they'll put on a great race, I've worked with the Running Fit/Champions for Charity team in the past. Great group of people. Good luck at the race!

  6. I registered to run in this race too, but it kinda frustrates me that they scheduled it on Father's Day. It is gonna be my third marathon/half-marathon. The previous two with a pulled hamstring. Now, I have two fractured fingers. Gonna ask them if I can switch to the half. Good luck though

  7. Ha! I love the shirt! That's pretty funny. I hear you on hot, hilly races, seems like I've had my fair share lately! Good luck at the race.

  8. If this was a flat easy race you might just have to run hard and fast, since it's hilly and you can't PR go out and have fun, take the camera...

    Good Luck with number 8 here's a scary thought only 180 more till you catch me!!!