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Jun 22, 2012

New sunglasses by Tifosi Podium

Rest day on the schedule today but I did end up doing a short 3 mile trail run last night at Stony Creek.  It's where I got my latest header from.  Here a quick picture of the trail I was on as well.
Stony Creek Trolley Trails

I thought I'd share these new glasses developed by Tifosi that just came out.  I have not seen them in person but they look really well designed and would be great for running and biking.  Check them out:
Click to enlarge

I've been wearing the Tifosi Tyrant sunglasses(click HERE to read the review) ever since I've done a review on them.  They have been excellent glasses to run with.  I had a very difficult time finding glasses  prior to Tifosi that actually would not move when you were running.   Here I am finishing up my last half marathon with them.  They have become an invaluable part of my running and racing.
Finish at Ann Arbor Half Marathon(1:52 by the way)
Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

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