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Jun 29, 2012

INKnBURN Shorts review and Iphone cover giveaway!

3 miles on the schedule.  Hot(almost 80), humid and sticky was the theme for today's run.  Probably the hottest run I've done, in the morning at least, all year.


A couple weeks ago, INKnBURN sent me a pair of their "Run or Die" blue shorts for a review.  I have to say that first of all this is NOT my style at all and that is exactly why I had to try these.  Of course, I had a choice on what I wanted and I could have gone with one of the other awesome designs they have to be more conservative but why?  I always feel like a different person when I'm running and this related to the rebel in me.  You know, like I can kick some ass when I'm running?  And you sure will stand out in the crowd at a race.  In fact, at my last race, I saw a runner with an INKnBURN shirt.  They really are very unique.  Take a look at what I mean:
The skulls are fitting for a "Run or Die" short - Back
I chose the pair that is the farthest thing from my personality.  The design on these are very cool.  Come on!  Run or Die?  Yes, I think that many of us feel that way so why not wear it on your running shorts?  The company has some incredible designs on their website.

Now onto the actual usefulness of the shorts.  The length is a perfect length in my opinion.  They are not too short(I won't wear short shorts) and they are not too long - perfect for a good long run.  The material is made from a light weight, moisture-wicking poly with subtle texture and some stretch built in.  I've not seen another pair of shorts with this material.  Actually, I would compare it very similar to a bathing suit but they are certainly made for running.  What's amazing about the shorts is that the material does not get wet from sweat.  I ran in some very hot weather(80's) and they did not feel soaked at the end of my run like some of my running shorts do.

According to the company, they "apply the color and designs through a unique sublimation process that maintains the moisture-wicking capability and breath-ability of our high-performance running shorts.  This unique process enables us to produce beautiful, vibrant images on our shorts that you can see but not feel.  It also gives us the freedom to put designs on our men's running shorts that you won't find anywhere else on the planet.  You'll also never feel an annoying tag while wearing an INKnBURN running shorts.  That's because the"tag" is burned into the inside of the brief. "

Here's a couple more pictures so you get a better idea of the shorts:
Front with a couple small pockets for key/energy gel

Side picture with skull - great design

Interior brief - very functional
When I got the shorts initially, I was concerned about the material being too rough on the elastic band but after many runs in them, it has never been an issue at all.  These would look great with the matching tech shirt /singlet and the arm warmers to make a complete set but still look equally good without it.

In summary,

1) The moisture wicking material is one of the best I've seen on shorts.
2) The unique design - for me, it's fun to have something different.
3) The little pockets in the front are convenient.
4) The quality of the shorts - certainly a high quality product

1) While the design is great, it's difficult to see the "Run or Die" on the shorts.  I don't tuck in my shirts when running, so my shirt covers part of that.  I would have liked to see "Run or Die" down the side of the shorts or lower on the back.  You can still see the skulls which is cool.  Of course, if you are a shirtless guy, there's no issue here or you could combine it with the INKnBURN tech shirt for a complete outfit.
2) Cost $64.95 - These are a bit higher price that what I normally spend on running shorts.  I'd buy them but not sure I'd have more than just one in the wardrobe.  I would say that this would be an excellent gift for a runner looking for a great design.

Interested in learning more?

1)  Go to their website, HERE

2)  Go to their Facebook page, HERE

3)  Go to their Twitter page, HERE

In addition, INKnBURN also offered to give away one of their new iPhone covers.  Isn't that awesome?  These iPhone covers fit the iPhone 4 and 4S only.  They are the same great design as their clothing line.  For example, here the one for the "Run or Die" design that I just reviewed:

You can check out their website for a design you would prefer if you win.

So here's the rules:

1) Go to the INKnBURN Facebook page, "like" them and tell them "Detroit Runner sent me"(1 entry)
2) Go to the INKnBURN Twitter page, "follow" them and tweet about this contest.  Here's what you can say:  "@INKnBURN @detroitrunner1 Check out the giveaway going on at to win a free iPhone cover from INKnBURN"(1 entry)

2 ways to win.  Good luck!

Contest will end Monday, July 9th at 5pm.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


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  2. whoops, I entered but I apparently didn't read the end well enough to see you were giving away the iphone cover, not a pair of shorts. I don't have an iphone so that doesn't really help me lol. Fun giveaway though!

  3. LOL, yeah the shorts aren't exactly how I see you either! Maybe if it was a Pokemon instead of a skull.........

    1. Look out Ken - I'm a different person with these shorts on!

  4. I have to say I HATE jumping through hoops (Facebook & Twitter) for giveaways, and I've never done it. But I just did, because I really love that iPhone cover! lol

    1. I understand Katie but it's a way to support the company, not just jump through hoops. Good luck!! They are awesome aren't they?

  5. I went to their FB page & liked them & let them know you sent me...these are just my style!

  6. omg, I thought I entered this!! I "LIKE" INKnBURN Facebook!!

  7. Tweeted!!

  8. Wow! This looks great! I am so impressed!