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Feb 7, 2012

Trail Running; let's do it!

6 miles on the schedule today.  It was a fairly uneventful run.  I mean, really, how could it not be, it's 5am for God's sake!  Who in their right mind is up at this hour?  Only one fearless!  Oh, and also those that have to start work at an ungodly hour as well.  Of course, I can't fault them for having to work.  Ha!
Trail Running.  It's not really a topic that I've talked about.  Of course, probably because I'm no expert.  Ok, I'm really no expert on road running either but at least I can say I've done that a few thousand miles.  While I've done a little trail running - Paint Creek, for example.  I'm not sure you can even count this as trail running.  It's flat.  It's wide.  In addition, it's groomed for the most part with crushed limestone.  I love the way it feels running on it but I sure could not consider myself a trail runner based on running on this.

There are some trails that are at Stony Creek at the park I run weekly.  I have not gotten off the beat and path but I plan to do that this summer.  You can only take so much running on the paved trail around the lake there or paved roads for that matter.  I need a break this year from running on the roads and think this is a great alternative.  I could bike more but really I love running!

I ventured off near the nature center in Stony Creek a little over a week ago with my running buddy.  It's not really set up for running since it's gravel but since it was snow covered, it was easier to run on.  It's probably not the best place to run in the summer.  My plans are to take the trails more.  Get muddy.  Get dirty!  Enjoy some of the hills.  I'll have that chance at the Back to the Beach half marathon in May which will take us through some of the trails which will make for an interesting race.

As more time goes into the year, I'm considering signing up for my first half marathon trail run.  I have one picked out.  It's the North Country Run in Northern Michigan.
Note that I'd only be doing the half marathon.  No, I'm not crazy enough to do the 50 mile Ultra just yet nor even the full marathon!  I do need to decide by March 15th before the price goes up though.  I'd have to take off the Crim race since the trail run is the same day and I really, really LOVE the Crim race.  However, it would be the third year for me running the Crim so as they say:  Been there, done that!  Check out the medal for the trail race!  OMG, this thing is huge!  One of the largest in the country.  Ha!
The North Country Run looks like a mostly single track race.  We did some hiking in the Upper Peninsula this past summer on some single track trails and it was incredible.  The feeling of being with nature was nothing like I've felt.  Here's a couple pictures of what I'm talking about:

It felt like I was hundreds of miles away from everyone so I can only imagine what it would be like running a half marathon distance.  Sounds like fun, huh?

So tell me, have you run a trail race and what's a trail race you love running?  Have you run the North Country race in Michigan?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. There are some great trails in/behind Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills. I love running there because it feels like I've discovered some hidden secret.

  2. There are tons of trails at Stony Creek. Two years ago Sandy ran the 50 Miler at North Country and I crewed for her. It's definitely a trail run....

  3. I ran the North Country half last August and it was awesome. Hilly enough to be challenging, but it didn't beat me up too bad. Lots of roots. Mostly single track, but there is still plenty of room to pass. I'm registered for the half for this year, but am considering bumping up to the marathon for my trail marathon debut. Hope to see you there!

    Trails are where I found my running niche. I love trail running!

  4. I LOVE trail running!!! One of my most favorite places to run is Poto in Pinckney! There is a half, full, 5 mile and a new 50K in April. I run the half every year. sadly, I have to miss it this year as I am sure my doctor would not approve of my being 32 weeks pregnant and running such a technical trail.

    I also enjoy running Island Lake in the Brighton area and Wildwood in Toledo.

    I had planned to run the 50 miler in August (North Country) but can't since I will have just given birth 2.5 months prior. I may do the half, or pace a couple friends running the 50M.

  5. Come on over to Bloomer! I do a lot of my running there and it has good trails that go in and out of the park. You can also pick up the Clinton River Trail/ Paint Creek Trail from Bloomer's trails. I am planning on doing the half that Stephanie mentioned above, and would not be able to do it without Bloomer Park :D :D

  6. Well I haven't done a trail race yet, but I'm divin in head first....registered for the Finger Lakes Fifties on June 30th. I'm doing the 50K option. It's single track trail and I may DFL it but I'm going to finish it and hopefully love it!

  7. Running on trails is always fun and I love it, racing can be hard if you are putting your body on the line. I've done it all o oftern, but I keep going back for more, so be warned you might like it!!!

  8. Running Fit's Serious Series is fun. I've done the Road Ends 5 mile, Flirt with Dirt 10K and the Legend 10 miler. Finishers get beer glasses. If you do all 3 you get one of the big tall beer glasses. My kids think it's so funny that I drink iced tea from my big ole beer glass!! (I don't even drink!)