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Feb 2, 2012

A new blog(for me) and you too

6 miles on the schedule today......done and what nice weather to run in.  Mid 30's is perfect!  I'm excited today because my running buddy is going run the Flying Pig with me.  Happy to be doing it with him instead of alone!


Ok, so I don't always talk about all the great other blogs out there in blogland.  There are so, so many of them and it would be nice if I had time to sit down and read every single one of them that I follow but it's just not possible :(

I have met many people writing this blog....ok, well, not really met lots but have talked to many through posting, e-mail, etc.  Just like with runners -- you know, the runners that always say hi to you and the ones you could talk to forever about racing, gear, training, blah,blah,blah.  Ha!  Bloggers also tend to be very friendly people.  It's one of the few nice things that I think has come out of the internet.

I recently stumbled onto a new(to me) blog that I just started following.  The blog.....

Jenn's Adventures!  You can click HERE to see her blog or go to her button on the right hand side of my blog near then end.  Or click the picture here too.
She has a great post that I think that everyone will really like and is very useful.  It's about making a button for your blog You can see mine ---->>>
Ok, look up a little more.

I designed it(I guess it's like my logo, but I could use a better one) but she helped me walk through setting this up.  Yes, there are instructions and you can read about them HERE if you want to make your own button.  These are step by step and easy to do but I could not get it to work for me.  As you see, it's now working.  Go ahead...try it!  Grab the code and put it into an HTML widget and my button will show up on your blog.  I know the button is not a new concept but:

1) It's exciting learning new things for the blog.  I need to learn more.
2) It's nice to know that someone, thousands of miles away and has no idea who I am, takes her time, on a VERY busy day(when she's moving!!) to e-mail me help on this.  I mean, really, who does that?  It must be that Hawaiian atmosphere.  Haha!

Thanks Jen for the pointers on the blog.  If you don't follow her, now's the time!  She's also got a giveaway going on as well for a cool YMX Jersey.  Hurry because the contest ends 2/7.  She's also has a contest through Rafflecopter for an Apple Ipad 2/Kindle Fire ending on 2/9.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. yours turned out cool! thanks for the new blog suggestion

  2. Holy Moly -- I just now saw this post, so I'm definitely not as awesome as YOU!!!

    You are beyond sweet to dedicate an entire post to me and my passion for helping people -- it was my pleasure to get your blog button up and running as soon as possible:)

    The Blogosphere is definitely something to be proud of, and I am truly happy we stumbled across each other! Isn't it funny how bloggers who have never "met" per se build such solid relationships?

    Gotta love it -- cheers to almost a 3-day weekend:)