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Feb 28, 2012

A new PR and a World record run!!!

4 miles on the schedule today....ended with 5!


If you read yesterday's post, you will know that I ran while on vacation.  Some of the runs were on a Cruise Ship as it was moving.  I knew the GPS would not work properly but thought it would be a cool experiment to see how it worked.  Here's a picture of what I saw while running.  I decided to run on this deck since it was all the way around the boat - about 2.5 times around for a mile.  If I ran on the actually running track they had, it would have been 7 times around(for 1 mile) with a larger crowd so this worked out much better.  The only issue was I had to run around the wind walls(walls used to keep the wind down on the deck)
My track on the ship!
I even had lights if it was dark(not that I ran much this early)
I also had to watch out for water so I didn't slip.
More importantly, check out the results.

What is interesting is that I ran around the ships deck on level 5 which is basically all the way around the boat.  I could not tell you how many times I ran around it but it's interesting to see that the GPS showed this as a straight line.

The other interesting thing is the distance.  Check it out - I ran 23 miles in just over an hour.  A new world record run!!! Haha!  And look at that best pace of 1:34 min/mile!  Ok, I guess the ship moving helped me.  Since I knew it was all messed up, I basically ran for time so I probably did around 7 miles in actuality.

Here's a look at the timing chart and elevation.  It kind of looks like I'm doing intervals.  In a sense, I was.  When running towards the front of the ship, I was running against a strong wind.  When I was running toward the back of the ship, I was running more with the wind so it helped speed me up.  In addition, as I was running to the back, the ship was moving in the opposite direction which showed me going fast.  Actually I was fairly level overall though.

Plus, look at the elevation.  The ship is completely flat, of course, however, with the movement from the waves on the ocean, there was a slight elevation gain and loss.  The weather was great so the waves were not crazy but I guess the boat moves more than you can actually feel.
Finally, here's the splits again I had for the mileage for a world record run.

I guess I should have done three more miles to get in an actual marathon distance world record.

Anyway, I thought this was a very interesting experiment in the use of a GPS while running on a moving ship.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Cool! I need to do my next marathon on a cruise ship. Looks like a nice trip. We'll be on the high seas in 3 weeks! :)

  2. That is really cool! Awesome place to run anyway! I would have done the same if I was there.

  3. Pretty fun - congrats on your super speedy run! :) I've never been on a cruise and I'm always amazed to hear about all of the things they have on the ships. Pretty impressive that they had a track on there, though it sounds like your run was probably more interesting. It's funny how the GPS turned out. Mine always gets screwed up when I run on a high school track that's sunk down a ways from the rest of the area. The distance is accurate, but for some reason the elevation gets really screwy and it looks like I'm running up and down hills even though it's obviously flat. Then when I actually do run up a hill right near the track that's much higher up, somehow the "hills" on the track look more impressive and higher.

  4. That speedwork is really working out for you! I wonder though if you'll have to put an asterisk next to that time.

    WR - 23 miles in 1:06:30*

    * cruise ship aided :)

  5. That's funny. Would never think of this, but it makes total sense.

  6. And did you notice that you were right off the town of Marathon in the florida keys?!

    Neat experiment...

  7. Thanks, very cool and interesting. I tried the same on a disney cruise but my gps wouldn't function at all. It is neat to run around the ship with the water around you. Plus, you can eat, eat, eat all day long after a nice run with a little less guilt.

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