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Feb 3, 2012

RumbleRoller foam roller review

3 miles on the schedule today.....done!


I recently contacted RumbleRoller to ask if I could review their foam roller so they sent me their travel roller.  I am a huge fan of foam rollers but I used to think that they were all the same.

To give you a quick history, I have used a foam roller for over a year now.  I probably do it more than most people so it's very important that I have a roller that will not break down.  I use my roller before a run, after a run and also an additional time before I go to bed.  I do it even more the week after a marathon.

Unfortunately, the regular foam rollers breakdown very quickly after only a couple months of use.
Before I started using a foam roller, I did not see the need for these.  Really --- rolling something on your muscle, what is that going to do?  A lot, that's what!  I experienced IT Band pain back in October 2010 and have been using one ever since.  In my opinion, foam rollers are an invaluable tool and helps keep me running uninjured.  I have not had IT Band pain since(thankfully)

Using a foam roller like the RumbleRoller is called myofascial release and helps to relax the muscles similar to the way you get with a massage.  Basically it's a massage that you can do yourself without the need for an actual massage.

The uniqueness of the RumbleRoller is that it has specially designed bumps that are firm but also stay flexible like the hands of a massage therapist.  Here's what it looks like:

Taken from the RumbleRoller website
See how it fits nicely for travel?
You roll the bumps on your body/muscle putting the pressure that you want on that muscle.  This helps to restore your flexibility such as when you are tight after a run.  As you use this, you can slow down on the part of the muscle that is sore and allow the pressure to help your muscle.  While I have not had to go to a physical therapist, many of them use this type of tool to help you stay injury free or to get you back to running again when injured.

I have used several types of foam rollers.  The first being just a regular foam roll that I discussed above.  I would not recommend this kind if you plan to use them on a regular basis since they break down too quickly.  I have also used another brand that does not break down over time which is good for the muscle.    The RumbleRoller was a HUGE surprise for me in my testing.  Given that I have used a foam roller in the past, I thought there might be a small difference between what I use today and the RumbleRoller.  WOW, was I wrong!!!!  The deepness that this gives you is like nothing else I have used.

Another unique feature is that you can use a back and forth motion but also a side to side motion given the unique shape of the bumps.  The side to side motion gives you even a deeper massage pressure to help with that hard to relieve muscle.  While I will not get into detail of all the exercises you can do with the RumbleRoller, here's a picture of what they provide with it to help you learn how to use it.  I actually do almost everything in this little booklet.

Lot's of exercises to do with the RumbleRoller!
This is the exercise that helped me with my IT Band
I actually put my full weight on it instead of putting down one leg
Hurts so good!!!
The RumbleRollers bumps are about 2 inches apart.  It's takes some time to get used to using this but one thing I would say is "It hurts so good!"  Don't get me wrong, the Rumble Roller should not hurt(as in sharp pain) but it does put quite a bit of pressure on your muscles to help them relax.  This is like no other foam roller on the market today.  When I did my research on the product, their website says that the "blue" roller is good for someone that has used a foam roller and received good results from it.  That was me but frankly I thought perhaps their "black" roller might be better for me.  I'm sure glad that they sent their blue one because I cannot imagine a more firm roller.  The black is good for people that has not had good success from a foam roller and needs something even firmer.

If you have used a foam roller in the past, I would highly recommend the RumbleRoller.  This will be one of the unique products related to running that will get daily use from me going forward.  After you get used to this, you will see the amazing feel that you get from using this on a regular basis.  I remember when I started using a regular foam roller and thought it was too hard on the muscle(it hurt) but over time, you could not get enough pressure on your muscle.  With the RumbleRoller you will have no worries in regards to this.  The pressure is unbelievable and really helps work your sore muscles.  You will have to take it a little slow at first but you will love using this.

You can get the RumbleRoller in two sizes, a travel size that is 5 inches diameter by 12 inches long and also a full size that is 6 inches diameter and 31 inches long.  In addition, as discussed above, there is the original firmness and the extra firm.
Another picture from their website
Shows sizes and types
Here's one more chart from their website that shows the comparison of other items on the market.  I have tried most of these other products and none give you the pressure you need on the muscle like the RumbleRoller.

Would you like to learn more about the RumbleRoller?  Check them out:

Click HERE to go to their Website where you can find out where they are sold or order one online.  The cost is $45 for the travel roller and $70 for the full size.  While it's sounds costly, given the product does not break down, it's worth it.  If a $20 foam roller only lasts two months, you do the math.  Buy one, your legs will thank you.

Click HERE for their Facebook page.

For a great video about RumbleRoller, go HERE.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

* Note:  I received a complementary RumbleRoller in exchange for a review of their product.  All opinions in this review are my own and I was not required to give a positive review.


  1. Wow, that looks BEASTLY! I have not doubt it "hurt so good" as you said. I might need to try that full-size one. I've been using the GRID, but it's a little short and I could use something a little longer that I would need to think about less.

  2. Thanks much for the review. I will be discussing this with the hubby today!

  3. Yeah, that thing looks like a weapon! I'm not sure I would want certain body pats being touched by that! LOL

  4. That's a great review. I think I would have been scared off just by the looks of it. Thanks for reviewing it.

  5. I got the small blue and love it. You can adjust pressure and nubs get into most places better than anything else. Very very sturdy.