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Feb 13, 2012

Hyland Post #7 - Nutrition and marathon training

Rest day on the schedule today but I ended up doing 7 miles today.  I needed to change things around a little bit as I'll be doing my long run on Friday this week since I have plans on the weekend.

Here's a recap of week #6 of 18 weeks of marathon training:

Miles Run:  27.24
Days Run:  5 days
Cross Training:  10 miles on the bike and lifting weights on the Bowflex
Time Training:  5 hours and 3 minutes
Last week was a cutback week.  Not much of a cut back but a little easier on the legs.  I embrace the cutback weeks because they help me re-gain my energy for the upcoming weeks.  My left hip is sore.  It's been sore for the past week.  Fortunately, it's not sore when I'm running but I can feel it afterwords.  I'm going to be watching it closely.  I've never had soreness there before.  I guess that's the beauty of running multiple marathons -- you never know where you're going to be sore next.  Haha!

This week coming up is really when I need to start watching the nutrition and the hydration.  One of the best things about upping the mileage in your training --- you get to eat more!  Ha!  Of course, that does not give you a license to eat anything you want(although I know some of you do).  I treat myself to a donut or two after my 20 miles runs.  I try to add more calories in my diet as I get over the 30 mile mark per week.  This week I've got 36 planned for the week so I get to eat more.

Also, given that now all my long runs are over 12 miles or more, I need to start eating a little before I run.  I'll be doing some longer mid week runs as well(7 miles).  Usually, I seem to be Ok running anything under a half marathon without eating much.  As that distance gets bigger, you need to have something in your stomach to help fuel your runs.  At least I do.  My typical pre-race or pre-training run meal is a granola bar and a half banana.  It's worked for me for all of my past training.  I also eat a banana after every long run as well.  I think I'll try to even increase the amount of food for my longest training runs to see how it goes.  I'm hoping it will give me what I need to finish feeling strong in the marathon.

How do you keep up with your nutrition when training for a marathon?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Hi Jeff,

    Re: your mail about google friend connect going away. Not to worry, I use google reader to follow your blog and I can add your url to the feed source(s). Don't really need google friend connect (or google plus) to follow a blog!


  2. Hi Jeff. I eat crunchy pb toast before every run - whether 3 miles or 20 and fuel with jelly belly sport beans in cherry for anything 8 miles or longer. I tried a variety of things and these ones stuck.

    Which race do you think is more challenging/hilly - Kzoo full or Flying Pig?

    1. I think both are hilly. Probably pig more so but I did not look into Kalamazoo enough since the pig is so well known.

  3. I added myself to your blog list. Kudos to you for putting one together. I had no idea there was anything else like that out there.

    I always eat several hundred calories for breakfast before I run. Then if I run long, I will either use a sports drink or down some GU along the way. Good luck with the rest of your marathon training.

    1. I like what you've done. If I was motivated, I'd add them but figure people can add if they want. You could start a new blog just for yours!