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Feb 5, 2012

Kona Running Company

Cross training on the schedule today.  I hate to say I'm tired of running but 5 days in a row is enough for me.  Rode the bike 10 miles today and also lifted weights on the Bowflex.


This is a call out to all Michigan Runners.  Kona Running Company - the company that organizes the ShamRock N Roll Race, the Solstice Race and the Wicked Halloween Race has a new Facebook page and is trying to get their "likes" up.  I'm sure many of you have run in their races.  They are excellent!!!!  I'm currently an ambassador for them for their Sham Rock N Roll Run and Solstice Run.  I'm also into promoting local businesses in Michigan and if you live here, you should too!

Please help increase their exposure and "like" them on Facebook.  It will also help keep you up to date on races they put together.  Here's the link:  Click HERE.

Check them out on their webpage as well:  Click HERE

Have a good day and....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I "Liked" them on Facebook.

    Awww....I miss your Detroit Skyline Jeff....Bring it back!!!

  2. Karen - thanks but it was time for a change. I really want to do a custom blog but don't really want to spend the money. I'm looking into a Detroit themed blog but still reviewing it. Perhaps my blog will change again. The change theory - I run mostly in the dark so the theme seems appropriate.

  3. I liked 'em. If they really want some likes, they should offer some race entry giveaways - prizes always seem to work. :)

  4. I agree with the giveaways, especially with the $42 price tag. These races are going to get so pricey that eventually it's going to leave people out just because they can't afford it.