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May 16, 2011


Had a good weekend up north.  I did my 12 miler in my subdivision up north and it was the first long run up there since October!  The run went well; it was in the high 40's and a little windy.  It also rained a little at the end of the run but overall not a bad run and happy I was able to get it in given the terrible weather this weekend.  It rained all day after my run.  It was also very cold Sunday too but less rain.

Got lots of done at the Cottage.  Got it opened for the season, washed the deck which was disgusting!  So you could say I did some cross training today scrubbing a deck for almost three hours! I can feel it this morning in my shoulders.

Here a little look at my run I did on Saturday.  Nothing like a nice long run with a little different route.

I did not see much wildlife which is surprising.  I did see a bluejay and that's it.  I usually see deer, sometimes turkey.

So this week is going to fly by; I've got 4,5,4,3,rest,8 on the schedule for this week through the weekend.  Less than two weeks until the marathon!!!!

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!!


  1. sounds like a good productive weekend!

  2. Great run - can't believe you have just under 2 wks till your marathon!

  3. Ah!!! less than 2 weeks! Are you ready? Some days I feel like I am, other days I wish we had a few more weeks if higher mileage to do.

    I am really going to embrace the taper this week and next week! No additional mileage like I've done these past 16 weeks.

  4. It must have rained quite a bit, they postponed the Tigers/Royals before it even started. Are you getting excited? Do you feel ready? I'll bet there are doubts running through your mind but you're more than ready my friend! You'll be awesome! Enjoy the taper.

  5. Steph - Me too. Sticking to the miles but I always did :)

    Jim - It's been raining like crazy here. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm confident to 20 miles. After that all bets are off!

  6. Seems like you have an airtight plan. Surely you'll have a great marathon.