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May 11, 2011

WTF Wednesday....

5 miles on the schedule today and that is exactly what I did.  What a great morning for a run - 50's and clear.  It's also nice that it's finally starting to get lighter out in the morning partly through my run.


WTF Wednesday - you know what I"m saying?.

1) I hate that smoker's think that the world is their ashtray.  If you think it's so disgusting to put out your cigarette in the car, think about what it does to your lungs and the environment!  WTF

2) I, for one, am never going to this Chiropractor - WTF:

3) I'm not sure this would get me to go to their church even though I love running!  WTF


Question of the day:  Anyone else happy it's finally spring out there?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I am totally with you when it comes to smokers throwing their cigarette butts wherever they want. It's disgusting and it's litering. I've also never understood people who light up as they're leaving the gym or when riding a bike!

    I am so happy it's finally Spring! It's actually getting light out when we go to the gym at 5:15am!!

    Great job on your run this morning! Have a great day!

  2. My 5k this weekend had spectators smoking while cheering on the finishers. Nothing quite like the smell of nicotine and tobacco to get you through the end of a race...

  3. Lol, I would not go to that chiro either! Yikes.

    I'm soooo happy it's spring! I actually got to sit out on my patio in shorts and a t-shirt this past weekend!

  4. I totally agree with you about smokers! So gross!!!

    It's not quite spring here in New England. It's 50 and rainy here today. Hopefully it gets better this weekend!

  5. We didn't get a spring here :( It was 90 yesterday. It was in the low 40's last week and I had the kids in winter coats. This weather is messed up!

  6. 50's and clear - a runner's dream!

  7. haha. That church slogan is ridiculous! I live in So Cal so we dont' really have spring :(. All my gloating in the winter isn't so good when I know you guys up north are having beautiful springs!
    Sounds like a great day for a run!

  8. I literally laughed out loud at that chiro! so funny!

  9. Yay spring! The trilliums are busting out in the woods. Gorgeous.

  10. Yay for Spring! You might enjoy the Facebook page "winning at everything". It's hilarious in the WTF kind of way :)