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May 12, 2011


Rest Day today!  Last night I actually ran the 4 miles I was supposed to do this morning.   I did this so I could take off today and tomorrow.  It was really nice out but warm in the high 70's.  I ran after dinner - too soon after dinner and know why I usually run in the morning on an empty stomach.  It makes for a much more enjoyable run with little in your stomach.  The other thing I noticed...I passed probably 6 people while running and only 2 said Hi when I said Hi to them.  What the deal with that?  I hardly ever see people at 5am so I guess I did not think about that.


Well this was my first week of tapering.  The lower mileage(32) seems to be good for me but now my right leg is bothering me(IT Band).  It does not hurt but just bothersome and I hate when that happens because I have to be careful so two-three days off will hopefully do it some good.  Plus, my long run is only 12 miles this weekend so that should help as well.

I think when I did the second 20 last week, it started giving me issue.  Of course, I kept running and didn't miss any runs this past week either.  What I probably should have done was take off an extra day this week.  Oh well, hopefully it will be fine.


This weekend is time to open the cottage.  Wow.  We have not been there since October.  It's really strange because we usually use the cottage throughout the winter but didn't this year to save money.  And we did save money!  I can't wait to do my first long run up north since last fall.  Looks like it will be in the low 40's or high 30's in the morning with rain possible either day.  I'll still enjoy it!  Brrrr!  It will also be nice to make sure everything is all right with the home too.  I think I've shared it with you before but here she is:

Little lawn(in back) is all I cut!

A view of the lake down the street!

I really love going up there because it feels like you are away from everything in the world but your only 15 minutes from everything!


Question of the day:  What should you do with the extra hours during tapering?  Sleep is my answer!

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!!


  1. Sleep is the answer I guess. Or fret about the weather, figure out what to wear, fret about the weather. Oh I said that already. Tapering I found out this last training cycle is hard. That's a lovely cottage by the way!

  2. I hate it when people don't say hi or wave. It just seems so rude.

    When I have extra time from not running I usually end up going crazy and doing chores around the house. I'm not very good at sitting still.

  3. Sleep!

    I love the cabin. I need a get-away house like that!

    Have a nice run this weekend!

  4. The cabin looks awesome!!! Definitely sleep, watch movies, take a walk, enjoy time with your family!

  5. Sleep for sure. And try not to go stir crazy, because I certainly am!!

  6. Wow, that cottage is just perfect! I'm in taper as well and so far all is well. I haven't noticed any extra hours yet. Think I'm spending them at work.

  7. Sleep a no-brainer.

    ITB -> foam roller.

  8. I know I had a really nice comment about the cottage but it sounds and looks wonderful.
    Tapering is weird, didn't really know what it was like til this half training and it was mentally challenging.

  9. Hope you were able to get your long run in this weekend...I know it was rainy up here!

  10. Thanks BW!

    Jess- got my 12 miler in. It was ok on Sat. morning and only rained a little while running but rained all day after that.