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May 4, 2011

WTF Wednesday

5 miles today on schedule ------ Done!

1)  The entire time I ran this morning's run, it smelled like left over McDonald's.  Gross!  WTF

2) Nearing the end of my run, a car, in a subdivision, was coming towards me.  Normally not a big deal but I think he decided to say, "How close can I get to this runner without running him over?"  WTF

3) Mid 30's for my run this May!  WTF

Question of the day?  Anyone ever do Tough Mudder?  I saw a show on Travel channel about it.  Looks crazy!

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!!


  1. eewww, the smell of leftover mcd's would not be a pleasant one during a run. I hope this weather warms up soon, this is getting ridiculous. I always hate the cars that try to play 'chicken' with runners. Have some respect!

  2. I'm doing Tough Mudder New England on Sunday! I'll let you know how it goes...I have high hopes (and a few nagging fears lol). Check out the's gonna be awesome. :) they have some inspirational videos though, and more than a few of the people rnning are soldiers missing limbs! Humbling! If they can do it, I have no excuse.

  3. I remember where I went to grad school, I was pretty much the only runner on the road and it either smelled like day-old doughnuts or fried food. Not what you want to inhale at 7 am! ...and it was usually really warm to top it off.

    Small price to pay though!

  4. I HATE when i smell food on a run, it always upsets my stomach or makes me hungry.

  5. Tough Mudder is on my list of races that MUST be done. I'm doing Warrior Dash this summer in KC. Seriously considering Tough Mudder somewhere next summer. Maybe even Michigan.

  6. That is a chilly morning for May! brrrr. ON my marathon on Sunday it was in the 40s at the start but warmed up really fast.

  7. I didn't like waking up to 38 degrees today.

  8. People in cars are often a$$holes to runners.I had a little incident where someone swerved on purpose to hit me. Then, like a piece of white trash, I took the high road (NOT) and flipped him off because I was so mad. (NOT A GOOD IDEA!) It ended with me hiding in a church community center because the truck followed me! I definitely learned my lesson with that one.

  9. Kat - please post about it. Would love your perspective.

    SLB - me too. Maybe next year in Michigan. The part that scares me the most is wet muddy shoes for 12 miles(means blisters). I can handle everything else(I think)

    Megan - Wow! I didn't flip him off but even if I had, it was just starting to get light out so he would not have seen me. I would have ran right to the police department. Haha! A-holes!

  10. Jeff, the people at the church actually did talk me into calling the cops, who then walked me to my apartment complex. I STILL haven't told my husband about that incident!

  11. Hahaha on #1 - I hate it when I run by BK or Taco Bell or something - often I wonder if it's me that I smell! Wtf!



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