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May 25, 2011


3 miles this morning; done!!! Zero training miles left.  The next couple days are rest days.  Higdon's schedule shows 2 miles on Friday but I'm planning on skipping that since it's just a shake out for your legs.....26.2 Saturday!

I'm also going to have to change the top of my Blog.

My life as a runner and a journey to becoming "???????????"



a multi marathoner?

Ultra marathoner?

Half Ironman?


A faster runner?

What do you think?  I'll decide after I run this one and see how I feel.  Haha!


I ordered a new license plate for my car.  What do you think?

I think it's pretty cool.  Or really geeky?  Either way, I like it!

It' won't be here for 30 days but I can't wait to see the real thing on my car.

I'll get back to WTF Wednesday next week.

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. I hate vanity plates unless they mean something and since yours does, I like it! Plus it'd be cool if I randomly saw you driving and saw your plate!

  2. I love your license plate!

  3. Love the vanity plate! My husband and I play a game to see who can figure out what vanity plates mean the fastest, so I love them!

    good luck this weekend!!

  4. Love your plates!

    It's almost here!! Enjoy every second!

  5. Love the plate!!

    I hope to see you Saturday!!

  6. Love the personalized license plate!

  7. How about just "My Life as a Runner?"

  8. oh i think the vanity plate rocks!

    I have been thinking too about what i want my journey to be and you know what, it changes every day!

  9. one day when I'm rich I'll get me some plates made, love yours, you are going to have to show us what they look like on the car...

    Now your work is done enjoy the race, can't wait to read all about it...

  10. You're gonna rock it on Saturday!! Love the plate :D

  11. Totally cool license plate!!

    Let your journey take you where it may... sometimes we think we're becoming one thing and end up another =D

    Gotta run.