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Jan 18, 2011

Treadmill poem

Three miles today on the treadmill at 8:34  pace.

Here's my attempt at running poetry:

There once was a guy named Jeff who felt he had got enough rest
so he got on the treadmill to try and lose weight
and never realized it would determine his fate

He ran and ran with the help of his feet
until he discovered a place in the street
he knew from then on that he'd never be back on the treadmill he owned
unless the weatherman would say your run would be postponed

So here it is a wonderful day
of potentially icy, snowy and rainy delay
so he got back on that interesting machine
that he knew damn well would be
the most boring thing!

But in the end it was either this or nothing to do
and he wasn't going to lose weight by just taking a poo
so he went down the stairs to determine his fate
and ran three more miles to lose some more weight.

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!


  1. LOL awesome poem, Jeff! So funny!

  2. LOL! I may post this to remind myself to get on the darned treadmill today. ;o)

  3. Love it! I still haven't hit the 'mill yet - I'll be thinking of this while I'm on it :)

  4. Good way to pass the time on the treadmill!

  5. I guess a poo won't cut it then? It's to the mill for me as well.

  6. Haha! That's awesome! And I love the new picture!

  7. You gotta keep the mind busy on the treadmill - writing poetry could be a good distraction from the tedium

  8. Just found your blog and I really enjoy it. I'm from Michigan myself (and originally from your area!), and winters suck!

  9. awesome. i cannot wait for winter to be over! although part of me is sad that this might be my last true winter as i want to migrate south


  10. ... after losing weight he went to the John,
    and there he stood broken hearted,
    he thought something came out
    but he only farted.

    TMs make people insane ... please be careful down there.

  11. there is a little silverstein/seuss rhythm there. catchy.

  12. That's a great poem,
    At your next race you'll show 'em!

  13. Welcome Jazzed Star. Andrew - I like your addition. Jim - We'll see. Even if I don't show 'em, at least I'll show up :)

  14. The treadmill is a nightmare, it doesn't deserve a great poem!

    ....even if it is helpful when outside the weather is impossible.