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Jan 29, 2011

New mail from RoadID

5 miles today on the treadmill due to snow; keeping on schedule!

Yesterday I got the mail and received this:
RoadID racing bibs - cool!
and this
RoadID brochures with $2 coupon
and this!
Yup - 4 $15 gift cards!

I asked Road ID for some support for the virtual 5k that I'm doing on March 5th and they surely delivered!!!  They sent me not 1, not 2, NOT 3 but four $15 coupons for prizes for the 5k.  The winners will be able to use a gift card code to order something from  So you will be able to order whatever you would like from them even if you already own a roadid - which you really should!

In addition to this, they also provided me with some racing bibs for anyone that will run at Stoney Creek Park that day.  I figured if we had some runners out there that will run with me that day, why not give them a race bib for showing up.  I'm work to try and work out a way to scan one of these so everyone else can print and have one as well.  I always love getting the bib and I keep all mine from all my races so this will go into my running bib file.  They were also generous enough to also provide some road ID brochures that include $2 off coupon codes.

I am so happy for the support that they provided and all I did was call and ask!  I also offered to do a review of my road ID since I never leave home without it when doing any outdoor activity so you will be certain to see a future post about that as well.

I am also in the works for a couple additional prizes that I think everyone will really like.  If things work out, I'll be able to offer two of these prizes.  I have one and they are awesome!  I'll let you know what it is when I have an official word on it.

So how about that?  It's a great start to the weekend!

Have a great day and.......Keep Running!


  1. This race is now Big Time. Next thing you know, you'll have race chips.

  2. Maybe Classic Race can be the official timer for us? Looking forward to it, Jeff.

  3. Snow??? Jeff, you're in Michigan........ HA, we had plowed paths at Stony Creek this morning....

  4. Very cool! Great Job getting this all together

  5. That's so cool! I love RoadID! Got them for both my parents for Christmas!!

  6. So cool that they got involved. Everyone should have a RoadID.

  7. Wow, everything is falling right into place! Great job!

  8. what great support from RoadID! I really need to get one of their braclets one of these days.

  9. That is awesome!! Now you can wear them on every appendage.

  10. That is fabulous! :) I think RoadID is a great idea - I really need to get one!

  11. I see a career as a racing event organizer in your future ;-)


  12. So cool Jeff! And I thought I liked RoadID before - it's great to know they are supportive of any type of activity, big or small. Official or unofficial. I'm looking forward to the 5K!

  13. Just bought a Road ID...hopefully it will be warm enough soon where I can actually wear it outside...