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Aug 3, 2013

Next up.......

Borrowed from RF-The Legend Facebook page(HERE)
As you ready this, I'll be running the Legend Trail race West of Lansing at the Sleepy Hollow State Park.  This will be my second all trail half marathon and I'll be running it with my buddy Kevin.  I have no goals for this race except to go out and enjoy the scenery and have fun.  I already know that my pace will be much slower and frankly, the week I've been having, it's how I need to run this.

Given this, my plan is to run this with Kevin.  He only slightly slower pace than I typically am so it will be fun to run together in the race.  Funny thing is the last trail race I did in April was with Kevin too.  We ran the Mountain Man 5.6 mile trail race.  Check it my full review HERE.  Of course, given he got lost on Sunday's trail run, maybe I should lead? haha!
Mountain Man, hence, scuffy beards!
Ok, no time to grow beards like our last race.  Actually I can barely grow one as it is but would not want one in the middle of summer anyway.  The temperatures look to be about perfect and this is a new race for both of us.  Best thing - you get a headless horseman medal and a fun shirt - cool!
Borrowed from RF-The Legend Facebook page(HERE)
Full race review forthcoming!!!!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

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