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Aug 6, 2013

I'm having an affair....

with my foam roller.  Haha!  I'm sure I made you look.  Here's my collection of foam rollers.  You know it's serious when you have three of them and a Lacrosse ball to get out the tight spots.  For me, these are invaluable tools especially when my IT Band is bothering me.  I tend to foam roll daily before and after runs(part of getting old) and also another time before I go to bed.  It seems to work well for me and since they are now part of my routine, I could not run without them.
My collection
From left to right, these are the Pro-tec Athletics roller, the TP Therapy Grid and the Rumble Roller.  I use all of them depending on what I'm doing.  I also use the Lacrosse ball infrequently when I need something really tough to roll out.

Do you foam roll?  What do you use? Does it work for you?


3 miles today; no special run.  Just getting it done.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Heck yes. I try to foam roll once a day. Mine is smooth and not as torturous looking as yours.

  2. My IT bands craves them right now! Ha!

  3. I don't foam roll as much as I should. I know all the things I should do but don't always do them (sigh). Good for you for being so diligent. I do have the TP grid and think it's so much better than the traditional foam roller.

  4. I just have the smooth surface foam roller. Do you like the ones with the rigid in them better:? Which one would you say you like the best?

    1. I use the TP Therapy Grid the most but the Rumble roller really digs in nicely when I need it deeper. Both are much better than a traditional foam roller.

  5. WOWZERS!!!!! Those are some SERIOUS foam rollers!!!!! I'm so lame -- I hardly EVER foam roll anymore, but when I do -- it's the smooth surface kind. That tread looks hella intimidating -- I know you said it just depends on what you did, but which would you say is your favorite?

  6. I haven't foam rolled for many years and luckily because I haven't has a need for anything like that. Hopefully I keep it that way.

  7. Our gym has the smooth kind and I usually use that there, but I do notice that our TP Grid roller always hurts (in a good way?) more. It's been cringe-worthy painful for my calves lately. I can't even imagine how bad that heavy-duty one might hurt if I can barely handle the grid!



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