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Aug 22, 2013

Guest Post - Saucony Ride 6 initial thoughts.

Just to give you a little background, Onlineshoes sent me a pair of the new Saucony Ride 6 via direct from Saucony.  There was a little mishap with the sizing and Saucony told me to just keep the shoes and they would send out the correct size(pictured below).  Their customer service, by the way, was excellent and I worked with someone there that is also a runner which is a bonus when you are talking about running shoes! 

Since I had a friend, Jackie, who wore the same size I initially received, a Men's size 10, Saucony asked me to give them to her for her initial thoughts and then also do a review after 200+ miles on them.  Here's her initial review:
Saucony Ride 6
I am a female runner who started running last October to lose weight and improve my overall health.  I was an athlete in college playing softball and basketball, so running is not new to me.  I have not made the effort to train since 2008, that being said I don't want to injure myself.  I run 9 miles per week and for now that is more than enough.   I usually run in Mizuno wave rider 15 shoes with a 12mm drop.  I really like these shoes for comfort, cushion and style.  I use men's shoes as my feet are wider and men's shoes just fit better.

My first run in the saucony ride 6 was on a dirt road and I was able to run past my 3 mile mark easily.  +1 for Saucony.  I noticed that these shoes are much lighter than the Mizuno's I usually wear but still offered the cushion I wanted. +2 for Saucony.  Also I noticed these shoes have very
nice ventilation keeping my foot cool for the run.  I thought I would notice the 4mm drop difference but it was virtually unnoticeable to me.  The shoe holds my foot securely while allowing enough wiggle room for my toes and holds my heel in place nicely.  One of the issues with my other
shoes is that my foot slips forward during my 10k races because of my stride and I think the shoe stretches a bit.  I usually notice it around the 5 mile mark and have finished with blisters or black toenails (gross).

I am hoping this shoe does not do the same, so far so good.  I will do another review after my 10k to report how the saucony performed for me.  I have run 12 miles in these shoes and have no issues with them.

Detroit Runner back here!  I'll have a detailed review of the Saucony Ride 6 that I received as well coming soon.  I'm almost done with my review and should have it next week.  The above gives a good initial impression from someone with a bit less mileage than I'm doing and I hope it's helpful for those of you running but running less.

Thanks goes out to Saucony for allowing my friend to review the Ride 6's.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Note:  Saucony provided a free pair of Ride 6's in exchange for this review.  All opinions of the shoes were her own viewpoint and was not required to give a particular opinion of the shoes.

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  1. Hi there Jackie
    I love what you have writen and from 10 000 miles away it let me into a little of your life as a runner. Now I've been running for years and while I can run up to 100 miles a week, we are the same in more ways than one.

    I hear what you are saying about black toes and how they happen in the 2nd half of a long run, well while my long runs are longer than yours it's about the same thing. when you get tired your style changes and you (I'm guessing now, but this is the sort of thing that happens) start to over stride and heal strike more, forcing your foot forward in the shoe (hurting your toe). Now in the 4mm shoe you are less lightly to heel strike, so it's a win win for you... Now if you ran lots, the change from 12mm to 4 mm would play on your calfs to start with, but for your it's looking good.

    PS my wife loves SAUCONY...