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Dec 11, 2012

Where the magic happens

4 miles today.  4 cold miles.  4 dark miles.  Ok, I'm done.


I thought it'd be fun to talk about where I do all my blogging.  You know, where it all happens.  I've consistently done all my blogging in my home office.  I'm sure many of you use laptops but I really enjoy just being away from everything and being able to concentrate.  The room is separate from the family and allows me time to concentrate on what I want to write for the following day.

As you can see, we've got french doors on the office to help keep it a bit quieter when working or blogging although it's rare that I close them.  It's also nice that they can be opened up as well to have a more open feel to the rest of the house.

 Most of my blogs are done the night before, except my mileage and run recap at the top, which I typically do that morning after my run.  Also, in the morning I re-read the blog for typos and errors and if there's anything last minute things I want to add to it.  We made the room a darker color so it has a warm feeling to it.  It's one of my favorite rooms in the home.
All the essentials - computer, camera, running stuff
There's also another place to sit and read running books
As you can see, the office has pretty much been taken over by running paraphernalia, my race medals, bibs, foam rollers and perhaps some running gear yet to be reviewed.  I even have a Flying Pig Marathon poster hanging(that I need to get framed better).  All the running stuff helps get me in the blogging mode and think about what I want to share with all of you that day.

So there you have it.  Where the magic happens in my blogging lair.  So where do you blog?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Beautiful room!! Are the French doors brown or white?

    1. White. See last picture. The first one is just taken in the dark.

  2. Beautiful room! I need one of those! I usually blog at the kitchen table. Not very exciting.

  3. Dude, you are in serious need of someone messing your sorta man-cave up. Give me ten minutes, and I'll do 60 minutes of messing. Consider it sort of like a free groupon.

  4. Very nice... I'm jealous. Mine looks nothing like that. But then again, I blog from multiple devices, so it's rare that I sit in my office.

  5. Nice! Great place to work in I'm sure and very very neat. I use my laptop and most blogging happens at my desk at work. I usually write after a day's work before I go home.

  6. LOL, I thought everyone blogged at work!

  7. What a cozy office :) I'm counting down until I move into my new house and have an entire room for my running paraphernalia again!

  8. Wow that is a super cool me thinking I need to improve my situation at home soon!

  9. You have a gorgeous office! I can only imgaine how beautiful the rest of your home is.

  10. The reason my blogs take so long to write is I blog at the office before work and that doesn't give my much time, so a quick blog takes a week!!!

  11. Thanks everyone. Ken - I never blog at work....ok, almost never. :)