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Dec 9, 2012

The race that started it all....

Cross training on the schedule today.  Lifted weights on the Bowflex this morning.  Jeez, how I hate lifting weights.


So I might not be able to remember all the details(since I wasn't doing race reviews then) of this but Corktown 5k 2010 was the very first race that I ran.  It's what got me hooked into racing.  I loved racing and still do till this day.
Start line - taken by my wife
The race is located in the Corktown area of Detroit.  I love racing in Detroit, hence, my blog, Detroit Runner.  This race took place on March 14th, 2010.  Here's how I ended up doing for my first race:

Overall Rank:  687 out of 4,204
Time:  24:30(7:54/m)
AG M 40-44: 71 out of 271

Not my fastest time for sure considering I've run a half marathon about 20 second/mile faster but it was the atmosphere that got me hooked.  I'm glad that I decided to run a large race for my first race ever.  The excitement of the crowd was awesome!

Also, my kids and wife came down for it as well and it was rainy and cold but the rain stopped just before the race started.  Of course, they don't come to every race now because it can be extremely boring to sit there and wait for your runner but it was great having them there at my first.  This race also starts in the afternoon so it's a great race to take the kids too since there's a St. Patrick's Day parade right after and everyone does not have to get there so early.
After the race
One of the fun things we saw at the race
You'll always remember your first race?  How was your first?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. LOL, the funny thing is I know the guy in the costume and his dog too!

  2. Yes, my first was an "off-road" duathlon. A run, mt. bike, run, and I was so nervous I would finish last. When I got 3rd in my age group, I was hooked, and six months later did my first marathon.
    That's a great picture of the start.

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