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Dec 23, 2012

Saucony Utili-Mitt ViZiPRO Mitten Review

Rest day on the schedule today.
Saucony Utili-Mitt ViZiPRO
I received these a couple weeks ago and have been testing these out.  I purchased these from Runningwarehouse(dot) com, my current favorite internet running store.  I got a great deal on these too.  They are normally $39.95 but were on sale for $27.77 and I got an additional 20% off = $22.22.  A great deal for these high quality gloves.  $50 on Saucony's website - who would pay that for gloves?

I've run in them at pretty cold weather - high 20's and all I can say is Yikes - my hands were freezing!  Well, sort of.  Most of my hand was pretty cold but my thumbs were really cold.  These are rated for the coldest weather but I'd have to disagree with that.  I'd say these are more like low 30's and higher weather.  Anything in the 20's, I would not use them.

I've got a couple other pairs of similar style but the other brands were also quite thin.  Of course, these are thin as well even though Runningwarehouse shows them as medium thickness and for the coldest of days.  I would rate them as thin thickness for cold days.
USB clip light rechargeable for 100,000 hours!
Convertible from mittens to gloves - stash in the glove itself.
Thumb/forefinger openings
USB light clip up close
I do like several features about these including:

  • The ViZiPRO orange color - helps to be seen in the dark
  • The reflective parts of the glove - also helps to be seen more
  • The changeable glove/mitten - a great feature especially as you start to warm up.  Cold at first - use the mittens; warmer? - pull back the mitten to reveal gloves.  The mitt covers are wind/water resistant as well.
  • The rechargeable USB LED light clip - another great safety feature.  Not only can you turn it on but you can also put it on flashing as well so you can really be seen.  It will give you 100,000 hours.  About 2 hours per charge.  They even sell just this for $10 - worth it!
Things I didn't like include:
  • The cloth wipe for my nose.  Normally I love this feature on most gloves but it's in the wrong place.  I carry a water bottle in one hand so I don't it it on that hand but my free hand I use it.  It's not in the right place and when you go to wipe, the light is right there going into your eyes.  They should have placed the wipe on the thumb portion of the glove like most manufacturers.
  • Thinness of the glove - if these are supposed to be for the coldest weather, they need much more protection.  I've only got one brand that's warm enough for the coldest temperatures and I can't seem to find them anymore.  This was the reason I bought these.  Oh well.
  • The convertible thumb and forefinger.  This is so you can use your cell phone with touch screen. I would have rather seen the special material for this especially if you were paying full price.
  • Cost - while I got a great deal(worth $22 for sure), I'd never pay $40-50 for these.  That's a crazy high price.
Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Note:  I purchased these gloves with my own funds.  All opinions here are my own.


  1. Curious: what's the rationale for the (dot)com instead of .com in the URLs you post? I get it for email addresses (spam prevention in your inbox). Does posting full URLs increase the bot traffic and spam comments on your blog?

    1. Yes......I think. Just a habit I guess for me. I've been thinking of putting the word verification back on. I've gotten more than usual lately.

  2. I've seen those gloves and wondered about them. I thought they looked pretty thin also. My favorite cold gloves (I've run in a 16*, feels like 9* in them) are the Nike fleece ones. They've been on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods lately. Mine are the Livestrong ones (they were cheapest) and I've had them for a few years. I have to take them off sometimes because my hands get too hot!

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