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Dec 8, 2012

I'm in Running Times!

10 miles on the schedule this morning.  We decided to run on the Macomb Orchard Trail and just do a 5 mile out and back route.  It was cold and it was raining but it's done.  We only saw about 3 people out there.  Actually it was pouring on the way over to the start but by the time we got there to start running it was just a sprinkle so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  While I don't enjoy running in the cold rain, it's a good exercise to do to build your mental strength in case it rains at your race.


January/February 2013 issue
For those of you that subscribe to Running Times, I sent a letter to the editor about an article in last months issue.  I got home last night and saw that I had Running Times and Runner's World waiting for me to read but I had not gotten to them yet.  I got a tweet from a local runner that I have gotten to know(you can follow her on twitter here: @reidphotography).  She said I was in Running Times!

Holy cow!  How awesome is that?  I thought it was very neat to see my response to the article in print.  I guess editors do listen to their readers -- well, at least Running Times does.  Here's what I wrote:
Running Times letter to editors
If you want to read the article I commented on, go to the November/December 2012 issue of Running Times.  If you are not a subscriber, become one.  It's a great magazine for runners - especially runners that have been running for awhile.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Great comment and cool! Running Times is high class. Runner's World keeps begging to put me on the cover, but I'm holding out for Running Times. (plus, I just don't have those abs they usually feature. Maybe if they have a 'hairy runner guy with middle-aged man gut' issue, I'll be featured.)

  2. I think your strong "Debbie Downer" line got this printed. :) Good job and I agree.

  3. I remember reading that article... thinking a lot along the lines of what you wrote. Unfortunately, around my town, everyone and every charity wants to host a 5k - many stink and don't care about the runner operations. I've learned thru the yrs which one are run by runners... more importantly, which ones are not.

  4. Ha! That is awesome!! Great point Jeff!

  5. Cool that you are in the magazine! Plus, I totally agree with your comment.

  6. Very cool and a great comment too.