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Nov 27, 2012

So many 2013 spring race choices....

Rest day on the schedule today.


As I continue to put together my race schedule for 2013, it always seems that April/May/June is a very busy time for races - specifically half marathons and it's really tough to choose what to race when without getting over trained.

I've already got two races on my schedule for March 2013 which include:

I have run both of these events and both have been excellent races in the past.  If you have not run a Kona Running Company event before, ShamRock N Roll is their first race of the season.  Also, the Rock CF Rivers Half is a great run around the Island of Grosse Ile to help support those with Cystic Fibrosis.  I love the race because it's one of the few half marathons you can run in Michigan in March to help get your season going and/or prepare you for a full marathon in April so check out both of these races to get you started in the spring season of 2013.
Kona Races
Rock CF
Here's some other half marathons in Michigan coming in April/May/June:

  • April 13 - Invasion of Races, Dearborn*
  • April 13 - Gazelle Girl Half Marathon, Grand Rapids
  • April 14 - Go the Extra Mile for Covenant Kids, Saginaw
  • April 21 - Lansing Marathon/half (* I'm already signed up - first time running this)
  • April 27 - Let's Move Festival of Races, Mt. Clemens*
  • April 27 - Trail Marathon/half, Pinckney
  • May 5 - Kalamazoo Marathon/half, Kalamazoo
  • May 11 - River Run 25k(15.5 miles), Grand Rapids
  • May 19 - Back to the Beach, Shelby Township*
  • May 25 - Bayshore Marathon/half, Traverse City*
  • June 2 - Dexter to Ann Arbor, Dexter
  • June 8 - Kona Run 10 mile, Northville*(I count this because it's like running a half)
  • June 22 - Charlevoix Marathon/half, Charlevoix
  • June 29 - Lions of Michigan Foundation half, Oscoda

If I missed any others, I apologize, or let me know what what I missed.  My point is that there are so many races in Michigan to pick from(which is awesome!) over this mid April to end of June time period, how do you pick?  I wish I had the stamina and money to do them all.  For the record, I put a star next to the ones I have run in the past.

Also, for those of you looking to run Bayshore this year, a reminder that registration is December 1.  My suggestion is to sign up that morning as soon as it opens or you may not get in(especially for the half marathon).  I believe it filled in a few hours last year.

How about the others on this list, have you ever run any of the other events that I have not raced?  If so, leave a comment here on your thoughts of the race.  I'd be interested to hear them!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Note:  I am a race ambassador for both the Kona Races(and compensated blogger) and Rock CF this year.  While neither required me to post their information, I did receive a free entry into each of their events to do a race review on their 2013 events.


  1. Do you plan on attempting the The Trail half? That is quite a doozy of a course! My first ever half and a pure love/hate relationship with it.

  2. Definitely plan to run Rock CF Half again. One of my favorites thus far.

  3. It's not about the number of races you run, it's about the number of races you race... I've run 45 races this year, but only really raced about 10!!!

    Role on 2013

  4. Don't forget the Ann Arbor Marathon, June 9th. I've done DxAA; I didn't like it, but most people do. It's pretty, but too warm and hilly for me to enjoy "racing". If I do it again it will be as a fun run. Busing out to Dexter to start isn't as much of a PITA as it sounds.

    1. Yeah. I forgot about Ann Arbor. Probably because I ran it last year(half). Hated the course layout. I have yet to do DxAA but think I want to do it this year. Not worried about PITA start.