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Nov 17, 2012

Athlinks - Try it!

Lifted weights today and also biked 10 miles.  I'm back to cross training one day a week and it's what my marathon plan allows for as well so I'm getting back into it and hopefully sticking to it.


Have you ever used Athlinks website?  I think I've talked about this before but this site is pretty cool.  They compile all your stats for every race that you have run.  You go in and "claim" your results.  The only one that is not on my list is a really small race in Waters, MI(probably because they need electronic results and this was popsicle stick results) but other than that everything is here for the last three years I've been racing.  It's kind of nice to have every race since I started in one place.  Take a look:

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Event Name & CourseStateDatePlc APlc GPlc OPaceFinal
Wicked Halloween Run (CSO) 2012 - Run-10KMI10/28/1227/0171/0214/14618:0149:53
Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon 2012 - Run-MarathonMI10/21/1253/0265/0323/14358:203:38:20
Bruckelaufe - The Bridge Race Half Marathon & 5K 2012 - Run-Half MarathonMI10/6/1214/091/0114/5198:201:49:17
Brooksie Way Half Marathon and 5K - Run-Half-MarathonMI9/30/1238/0198/0243/26837:371:39:52
St. Mary Mercy Hospital 5K run/walk for Cancer 2012MI9/9/122/039/047/7257:1822:41
North Country Run 2012 - Trail Run-Half MarathonMI8/25/125/027/035/27010:352:18:42
10th Anniversary Solstice Run 2012 - Run-10MiMI6/23/1222/0123/0155/7098:061:21:07
Ann Arbor Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K 2012 - Run-Half MarathonMI6/17/1211/0168/0242/13098:361:52:52
Stony Creek Back to the Beach Half Marathon, 10K, 5K 2012 - Run-Half MarathonMI5/20/1210/055/088/5608:391:53:26
Flying Pig Marathon 2012 - Flying Pig MarathonOH5/6/12149/0924/01247/40939:284:08:15
Glass City Marathon 2012 - Run-Half MarathonOH4/22/1248/0281/0371/21508:131:47:41
Martian Invasion Of Races (CSO) 2012 - Run-Half MarathonMI4/14/1255/0352/0454/17978:321:51:53
ShamRock & Roll Run 2012 - Run-10KMI3/18/1214/064/092/13227:2345:55

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Event Name & CourseStateDatePlc APlc GPlc OPaceFinal
Wicked Halloween Run 2011 - Run-10KMI10/30/1116/085/0108/12647:3046:41
Detroit Free Press Marathon 2011 - Run-MarathonMI10/16/11153/0792/01037/33949:063:58:45
2011 Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon - Relay 2011MI10/16/11152/0792/01037/33999:063:58:45
Capital City River Run Half Marathon & Cooley Law School 5K Race for Education 2011 - Run-Half MarathonMI9/18/1122/0123/0160/16307:341:39:18
Crim Festival of Races 2011 - Run-10MiMI8/27/11128/0901/01071/90247:491:18:19
Warrior Dash Michigan Sunday 2011MI7/31/11538/04895/09226/976423:201:12:21
Alpenfest 5k/10k 2011 - Run-10KMI7/16/111/016/020/977:5449:09
Solstice Run 2011 - Run-10MiMI6/25/1132/0149/0178/7408:011:20:15
Bayshore Marathon & Half Marathon 2011 - Run-MarathonMI5/28/1186/0541/0801/14649:374:12:17
Lets Move Festival of Races 2011 - Run - Half MarathonMI4/30/1118/079/092/9587:561:44:06
Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon 2011 - Run - Half MarathonMI3/20/1119/0121/0162/7137:591:44:47
St Patrick's Parade Corktown Races 2011MI3/13/1140/0264/0308/52257:1022:18

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Event Name & CourseStateDatePlc APlc GPlc OPaceFinal
Fifth Third America's Thanksgiving Parade Turkey Trot 2010 - Run-10KMI11/25/10150/01149/01508/61778:3253:06
Detroit Free Press Marathon 2010 - Realy MarathonMI10/17/10377/0378/0483/60111:124:53:44
The Brooksie Way 1/2 Marathon 2010 - Run-Half MarathonMI10/3/1062/0362/0422/24458:051:45:55
Crim Festival Of Races - Run-10MilesMI8/28/10170/01264/01530/89668:081:21:22
Gaylord Alpenfest - 5K - Run - 10kMI7/17/105/027/031/1097:5048:42
Solstice Run - Run-10MilesMI6/26/1022/0146/0206/6098:311:25:12
Run For Autism 2010MI5/16/1017/042/052/1208:3052:49
Healthy Heights 5k Run And 1 Mile Fun Walk 2010MI4/17/106/027/028/2347:2623:07
St. Patrick's Parade Corktown Race 2010MI3/14/1072/0555/0694/42227:5324:30

How cool is that?  Try it - you'll like it!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

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