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Oct 27, 2012

2013 decisions

Rest day on the schedule today....


Have you started your 2013 race schedule yet?  For me I tend to do it after my fall marathon.  This year I started even earlier.  As I've said in the past, it often means signing up for a race months in advance and not even knowing if you'll be in shape to run it by then.  You just have to take a chance and hope for the best.  If I'm paying, I'm always an early registration - why pay more for something you're going to do?

I tend to run quite few races.  In 2012, I'll have run 14 races.  It seems like a lot given I usually race about 9 months of the year.  What's your comfortable amount of races?  Some of the races I won in contests so I might not have even run them.  Some I do for race reviews which adds to the numbers.

I've also done two marathons the last two years and have decided I don't want to train for a spring marathon in 2013.  Given what I did last week at the marathon(3:38:30), I'm sure I'll be trying to break 3:30 and in doing that I would need to push myself hard again.  I think I need the rest so I'm going to remove that spring marathon from the schedule in 2013.

It does not mean I won't be racing lots.  I'm already eyeing a few races that I've wanted to do over the past few years.  I really love the half distance.  I did seven half marathons this year.  I do have to admit they fit in well with marathon training so it will be interesting to see how my spring half marathons go when I'm not training for a marathon.  I also want to get in at least one trail half marathon this year as well.

Actually, the last two years I've never specifically trained for the half distance but I've got a lofty goal for it for next season.  I want to break 1:36 hopefully in the spring.  Why?  It would get me into Corral B in the Chicago marathon and help leap me in front of another 3,000 people in the race.  It would be huge to be in Corral B because I'd only be behind the Elites and Corral A(1500 max people) plus my group of 3,000 people in Corral B.  I think I've got a 1:35:59 in me since I ran the Brooksie Way at 1:39 on tired legs and its a hilly half marathon.  Plus if you look at the qualifying times on the marathon side, you'll see I was only a couple minutes short of qualifying in Corral B at Grand Rapids.  Of course, this all assumes the standards don't change for 2013.  Regardless, I'm in for Corral C based on my Grand Rapids marathon time.
Source:  Chicago Marathon Website
This leads me to my next decision - I've decided for sure I want to run Chicago next year.  Anyone run it before?  How did you get your hotel set up?  Anyone want to put me up(kidding)?  I went to check the hotel websites and many of them near the start line already show no dates unavailable - huh?  Do I have to buy it through the race?  It will also probably lead to a little less racing next year since I'll need to save funds for this race.  Damn majors are expensive!

I hope your 2013 plans are coming together.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Hotel. Well depends if you want to be up close.

    The Chicago Hilton on Michigan ave is right across from Grant Park and the starting line. Next is the Congress Hotel same as the Hilton. There are more within a few blocks along Michigan ave.

    We this year stayed at the Palmer House Hilton a few blocks down but the going rate for the hotel through the marathon was about $280 a night. Two years ago I stayed at a place just north of the river and it was sooo much cheaper.

    One of my friends also had luck of renting out a condo on VRBO right at the finish line (condos on Roosevelt road). So that's another route to go as well. I mean if you are going to spend $280 a night it might as well be spacious and you can make your own meals, prep yourself plus I think the price is more for the name sometimes.

    On whether or not you have to buy it through the race, I'm really not sure. I should ask my friend how she did the room. I almost sure it was online through the link maybe on the website?

    1. Wow Michelle! Thanks for all the information. I'd love to have some details on that Condo. Also, I'll check into north of the river as well especially if it's that much cheaper. I was thinking Palmer House as well. Stayed there before - very nice.

  2. hey Jeff,
    First of all, thanks for your comments on my post. I am so hoping that my injury works itself out race day. Many times my taper brain has exagerated injuries, but not like now where my only 2 runs in the last 8 days I had to cut short. We'll see.

    Either way, I'm thinking Chicago next year would be great. I have a friend there, fortunately, but I think he's one purchase away from getting married. Either way, it's a great event, so, perhaps I'll see you there in 11 months.

  3. I ran Chicago in 2010 and it was awful. I had the most horrible marathon experience ever! The temps were hot, I was pushing hard to BQ and my race fell apart. I was so beat up I didn't enjoy anything that the course had to offer. I missed my 3:40 goal by 4 minutes that day too. I fully intend on going back because everyone I know that has run Chicago LOVES it!! I think Chicago is a great choice. I wanted to go back in 2013 to run it, but like you, I am already planning my 2013 calendar and I don't think it's possible. Too many long distance races already on the books.

    I am shooting to hit 1:35 at Rock CF since that course holds my current half PR (1:37). We should run together.

    1. Yes we should run together! It will help keep me motivated to get under 1:36!

    2. After the first of the year, let's meet up to do a few weekend long runs. I will come out your way since downriver doesn't have much to offer in the way of running. Unless you go to Grosse Ile or the metro parks.

  4. I've already started planning for 2013 too. It's hard not to look ahead and start lining up spring races. Good luck with your upcoming races! I'm sure you will have no trouble meeting your time goals.

  5. I will wait until next year. I think that it is better to take the schedule and not the other way around. I don't like the feeling that I am tie to my schedule. but it is better to be prepare.