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Oct 18, 2012

JackRabbit Cap review and Giveaway!!!

JackRabbit Caps send me a couple of their caps to review.  Here's what I received:
Bungie back
Short bill
I love that you can personalize this cap for only $6!  You'll see they customized it with "Detroit Runner" on the cap. Very cool!  The material is a nice moisture wicking material and it's a very light hat.  It's got a different style to it with a shorter bill on the front and a bungie on the back for fit.
Before my morning run 
With light
I like the short bill because when I run in the dark, it does not deter from the light I need to run but still keeps the rain off your face.  I have a harder time with my runs with a normal bill so this is a plus for me.  The hat is very comfortable but runs a bit large.  Maybe I have a small head?  I do like the bungie style on the back but just wish it was a little smaller to it fit better.  It did work fine with my light since the light helped keep it in place.

The company also offers hats for winter running in wool as well as men's and women's styles.  As a bonus, all hats are made in the USA!

  • Moisture wicking
  • Easily customized by the company for little money
  • Shorter bill is great for night running
  • Runs a bit large; even the small was large for me(can be made to your specs with their Perfect Fit Guarantee-at no charge)
  • Hand wash
Interested in learning more?

Visit their website HERE

Visit their Facebook page HERE

Visit their Twitter page HERE

Would you like to win a Detroit Runner JackRabbit Cap and try one for yourself?

The company provided an extra hat with "Detroit Runner" on it just like the one reviewed here for a giveaway.  Here's the rules:

1) "Like" JackRabbit Caps on Facebook, post on their wall that "Detroit Runner send me" and let me know here(1 entry)
2) "Like" Detroit Runner on Facebook and let me know you did here(1 entry)
3) "Follow" JackRabbit Caps on Twitter, tweet including me(@detroitrunner1) and JackRabbitCaps(@JackRabbitCaps) about this contest and let me know you did here(1 entry)
4) For those of you without Facebook/Twitter, go to their website and tell me what you like about the hat.(1 entry)

That's four entries!  Contest will end Saturday, October 27th at Noon.  Good luck!!

* Note - I received a complimentary Jack Rabbit Hat in exchange for this review.  All opinions on this blog post are my own and I was not paid or required to give a particular opinion on the product. 

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I like Jackrabbit on fb and let them no you sent me.

  2. I follow JackRabbit on twitter

  3. Twitter about giveaway

    Pink Hat Runner ‏@PinkHatRunner
    Great JackRabbit cap giveaway (@detroitrunner1) and JackRabbitCaps(@JackRabbitCaps)

  4. This is pretty cool stuff. I have been looking for a quality short brim hat for the very reason of headlamping!! We run trails at night a lot, and i always run with a hat...

    This look awesome, I can hashtag our #trailsRoc stuff!! great review!!

  5. Hi- Jen from JackRabbit Caps here! Thank you for the review. We appreciate it. Two quick notes: 1) We can custom make XS or XXL caps at no extra charge, so your cap will fit you perfectly. 2) Our wicking caps can be thrown in both the washer and dryer, although our wool caps do need to be hand washed unless you want one to fit your cat! :) Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Jen for the clarification. FYI - your hat says Hand Wash on the tags so might be something to update.

  6. Liked detroit runner on facebook!

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  8. Just liked them on Facebook....and told them you sent me!
    Gabrielle (mareaviva)

  9. Just liked you on facebook, too!
    Gabrielle (mareaviva)

  10. Just tweeted as well!
    Gabrielle (mareaviva)

  11. Love how light they are....and that they're good to go in the washer/dryer -- big bonus!
    Gabrielle (mareaviva)

  12. Liked them on FB and told them you semt me.

  13. I don't do facebook or twitter but I do like the hats. The short bill hat is definitely in my future.

  14. Liked JackRabbit Caps and said you sent me on facebook.

  15. Not sure if it counts if I already liked you on facebook before, but I am currently a liker! If that doesn't count and this comment wins, just spin again :)

  16. Twitterated: Enter to win a running hat from @JackRabbitCaps and @DetroitRunner1 here: I may have to buy one myself if I don't does look good for night runners to optimize beam of light from the headlamp!

  17. Oh shoot I can get another entry for telling you what I like. I'm with you on the short bill! (as I mentioned in my twitter comment above). I run in the dark all the time in the winter and the bill of a normal hat obstructs the light. Plus it's a unique look!

  18. Looks like a good option from other similar hat