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Oct 13, 2012

The Naggles

8 miles on the schedule today.  Actually felt pretty good on today's run.
Donut & coffee post run today at the Paint Creek Cider Mill

You've heard of the naggles, right?  No, I'm not talking about the children's band....
The Wiggles

I'm talking about the naggles.  It's when you are in taper mode and every little thing that never hurt before, now hurts and it's freaking you out.

Take me, for example.  This week I've had back pain, foot pain, calf pain and pain around my achilles. So I run over 50 miles a couple weeks ago and I feel great - tired - but great.  This past week, I run 26 miles and there's pain all over.(actually my run was pretty good today - no pain)  It's the naggles.

I try to ease my mind by just saying, "It's just a race.", "You've gone through this before.", "It doesn't matter what your time is." and "Who cares?".  Sometimes they work.  Sometime they don't.

Maybe I should sing "Hot Potato" from the Wiggles the entire marathon to keep my mind off things. Ha!  Cold spaghetti, cold spaghetti!!!  Now you're going to have that song in your mind all day.

Do you get the naggles?

9 training miles in 3 runs left until GR marathon although I'll probably replace last two mile run with walking around in Grand Rapids.

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I just posted on the exact same things, imaginary worries. The naggles huh? guess I have them. I have seen plenty of the Wiggles, including them life.

    Oh my gosh! Where's Jeff? another thing to worry about.
    You are gonna nail this marathon.

  2. Enjoy taper week. I hope you enjoy the GR marathon. I had hopes of running it this year but training came to a halt mid summer after a back injury. I may volunteer again this year (depending on the weather Ha!).

  3. Cider Mills are awesome. Great post run stop!

  4. The naggles? Is that what they are called? LOL.... then that is what I got!!

  5. I hope to see you at the expo saturday or at the start and finish line sunday!!