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Oct 30, 2011

Shutterfly review

Raced the Wicked Halloween 10k run today.  Full post coming soon!


Rosalyn over at Shutterfly was kind enough to send me a code to order some cards.  I figured I would give it a try to see how it all worked.  Wow, you could spend hours on their site.  They have so many choices of things to pick from, it's amazing!  I figured I would order some holiday cards for Christmas.  Getting onto the site was easy.  You basically sign up for a free account, download your pictures onto their site, pick a card and pay for them.  It's really that simple!

The hardest part of the whole process is deciding what to purchase.  I decided to pick a card that allowed for several pictures of my family to be on the card.  This way we could show some of the things we have done over the past year.  I even got in a picture of my first marathon in there.  Haha!

The site has all kinds of other options too.  You can purchase prints, cards, stationery, calendars and all kinds of photo gifts showcasing your favorite photos.  

I could see putting together a running photo book showcasing my running races.  That would be fun!

Here are some links to some things you can do:

When you sign up for a new Shutterfly account, you can also order 50 new pictures for free as well.

* I received 25 free cards in exchange for this review.  I was not required to give a positive review and all opinions are my own.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I made a photo book a while back for my daughter from Shutterfly. It was super time consuming, but that was on my part, not theirs, as they have so many options it is really hard to decide what you want to do. We are super happy with the completed project, and I should do more and catch up. I had gotten a free coupon for the book, but ended up liking it so much I ordered 2 more just like it for the grandmothers.

  2. My husband and I had a blast at the Wicked Halloween Run today. I can't wait to read your post about it!

  3. It was great to see you today! What a great race :)

  4. I love making photo books! I made 2 for my husband when he was deployed last year and he loved them.

    PS. You are super fast.