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Oct 20, 2011

Back in the saddle again....

2-3 miles on the schedule today; I ended up doing 3 miles.  Wow.  It always amazes me how 3 miles post marathon can really kick your butt.  Of course, it does not help that I also have a cold as well.  And it was windy....and wet from the all night rain.

Overall, though, a good first run back.  I know some of you start the recovery process by running sooner.  I just felt ready this morning so I guess I need three days off of running after a marathon.  Not really sore anymore...ok, maybe just a little but feeling pretty good(except for this cold).  I'm ready to get back at it.

I read an article in Running Times recently that discussed the recovery after racing.  I was surprised to see that the first easy run I should be doing(at least according to the article) is NINE days after the marathon.  Nine days?  Huh?  Plus it's actually age graded for people older...for example, for me(age 42), you add on 1.2 times the 9 days.  Seems too long to me.  What do you think?

As I've said, I will not be training for a marathon in the spring.  It actually feels pretty good to just go out there and run for no reason.  I'm sure I'll ramp up again though so I can be ready for the half marathons in Spring.  Still undecided on what half to start with.  Anyone have any suggestions for a spring half in Michigan.  From what I see, these are my choices:

Rock CF in March - raced this but it's fairly cold
Martian in April - never raced this
Let's Move in April - raced; did not like the course; medal stinks(race director said it's similar to Crim-NOT!)
Bayshore in May - Good race; rain is 50/50 chance
Dexter to AA in June - never raced and will likely do this race.

Let me know if you know of any others in the area that I might have overlooked or if you know anything about the races I have not done.

Question of the day:  When do you start running after a marathon or half?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I need a broken leg before I can take that much time off...
    I often am running the next day after a marathon. Now I don't do anything stupid, I keep it short and quick, I like my legs to get their speed back. In those 1st two weeks I might just do track sessions like 10 x 200m (not super fast, but at the pace I would do my miles at.)

    good luck with your recovery and come back!!!

  2. I haven't ran the Martian but I heard it's boring; it's an out and back.

    Dexter Race, I have ran. It's really jam packed. It was fun to run once but I have no plans of returning. Try it though. I know a lot of people that run that one every year. My heart doctor does.

    Congrats on Detroit!! I got I didn't run. Could of been why I was lacking the running pre-race.


  3. I did the Martian 10k this year and I LOVED the course--it was my favorite race I've done (with the exception of Indianapolis). I don't know how the HM course compares to the 10k, though.

  4. Thanks for the comment on my site! I'm going to add you to mine.

    Anyway, I have run the Martian 10K, Half, and Full. It is all on Hines drive, so this may or may not be boring to you. I personally enjoy training by running/riding on Hines, so I didn't think it was boring, but enjoyed it since I knew the whole course well. It is fairly flat, with the exception on some hills to get off of Hines and back up to normal street level. It is not the easist to train for, since it is so early in the year, but it worked out well for me since my husband had more free time to watch the kids in the winter than in the summer/fall since you cannot bike outsite in the weather that I trained in. The medal last year wasn't nearly has huge or solid as some of the other races I have done, but it will always be special to me b/c it is where I got my BQ. I am friends with Randy, so I like to do his races too.

  5. I ran 3 miles Tuesday night and felt pretty good. I've considered or ran all of these races too and am thinking of what I want to do for 2012.

    I liked Rock CF but yes, it was cold. I feel like I have to do Let's Move again since it's in my hometown, but I did NOT have a pleasant experience with that one. Martian was my first 10K and I loved it - but that's way different from a half. Everyone I know has done or is running DXAA, but I think it'll be too hot - first week in June.

    So, not that I'm any help for you but I'm looking forward to everyone else's thoughts.

  6. LOL, at my age I wouldn't run until the next marathon! Jeff, I know how much you hate it but there are tons of shorter races that you can use for speedwork!

  7. This year after Bayshore, I ran 3 days after. After Detroit, it was 4 days. I wanted to make my first run after Detroit on my birthday.

    I ran D2A and I highly suggest running that half. It's a beautiful course! Martian is ok, but Hines Drive and get pretty boring. I would NEVER run that marathon!!!

    I am running Rock CF again this year. In fact, my husband is making it his very first half!!!

  8. I've nly run one full and I waited a week before I ran again. I would have run sooner but I honestly could not even move. I didn't train properly for it and was injured the month leading up to the race but I ran it anyway! The result was a really long first marathon time and an immobile body for a while!

  9. Nice job getting back at it. In the spring I'm targeting the half at the Trail Marathon weekend at Silver Lake in the Pinckney Recreation Area.

  10. Michael, I have ran that course; woowee!! Train on your hills!!!

  11. Usually after a half I take off maybe 2 days. After a full I take off 5-6. I'd say you're right on track with the recovery.

  12. Sheph - that's great doing a half with your husband. Should be fun.

    Ken - You are right. I'm doing a 10k a week from Sunday but I don't think I'll be speedy by then. Haha!