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Oct 21, 2011

Marathon Pro pics vs Amateur pics

3 miles on the schedule today.....done!  Getting easier each day.  I knew when I read Kovas' post yesterday, I'd be wearing a winter hat today for my run.  Jeez it was cold out there.  His blog is a great way to find out how it will be the next day for us here in Detroit, not to mention is great reviews of running gear.


So here are my pro marathon pictures:
Not too bad -
if they would have Finish showing

Seriously?  Does the photographer have eyes?

The heel strike pose

Too bad I didn't stay with him.
This was about 20 miles in.
I was carrying the stick about a mile before this.

And here are my running buddy, T's photo's he took of me at the finish:

Free floating

So which are better?  I vote for T's pictures.  Not only are they better(he should have been a photographer) but they are free too!  Once again I will be skipping on getting any race photos from my marathon.  I guess I'll be waiting for a major marathon before considering pictures.

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I vote for T's also. Funniest thing about his pictures is the first few you look like you are gonna punch someone in the face! And then its all smiles haha.

    I hate how expensive race pictures are...I just don't get it!

    Congrats again Jeff!

  2. I agree, T's are better! You are not the only one with eyes closed race pics, if it makes you feel any better.

  3. Dude - is it me - no - do T's pics actually - couldn't be - although it certainly looks like - nah, must be a photography trick - but, then again - did you get "chicked" by Carrie (blue shirt)?

    Ah, who cares - you ran a good race and your "amateur" friend got better pictures than the "professionals" who want to charge you an arm and a leg.

  4. I've never had a decent 'professional' photo. Either they miss me altogether or I look terrible. My husband has the best race photos of me, for sure. But then again, he's not trying to take pictures of anyone else.

    I agree T's pics are definately better!

  5. I like T's pictures better too! You look happy in them :).

    The Detroit pacers carry the sticks the whole time? That would drive me insane!

  6. T did a great job on the pictures! Plus.... free? Can't beat that!!

  7. T did an awesome job of capturing you on film! Nice photos. I need him to come to my races. :-)

  8. Great pictures!!! Sometimes the race pics really suck!!!! Yours aren't bad!

  9. Mark another check mark in the T column. Those are some awesome pictures of you cruising into the finish.

    I bought pics of my first marathon but haven't bought any from any other races, half or full or whatever. I kinda regret not getting pics after my 2nd marathon (San Francisco) but oh well. The photogs did better to take posed pictures of me with my eyes open than they did of you though.

  10. I like your friends photos better because you are smiling! great job, congrats!

  11. HA, I know the guy you running side-by-side with. Ed Bartone and he's an Ultra guy! When I saw him on the course he was having issue too..... Small running world.

  12. I always like the photos that Jim takes of me at my tris far better than the professional photos. They are always awful!

    T took some great shots.