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Oct 19, 2011

Marathon #2...I learned a few things.

Rest day again today!!!  Last one...back to running tomorrow.....maybe!


Look what the Detroit Marathon send the finishers - a badge that shows you completed the marathon.  It was something you could post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Very cool idea I thought.

I think it would have been even nicer if they included your name and time on this badge but something great to share for free is cool too.

No race pictures yet but I'm guessing that the race pictures that my running buddy T took are better than what I'll see from the pros.


A few things I learned on the second marathon:

1) It's still hard.  I knew it would be hard but darn it's still really hard!
2) It's amazing what nutrition does for you.  I used Clif Shot Bloks.  I ate 10 of them, probably should have eaten more because I do feel they really helped keep me going.  I could tell the difference from my first where I did not really eat anything during the race - a big rookie mistake.
3) Breakfast is important.  I can get through a half marathon with a little to eat but I have found that a half banana and two granola bars works for me in the marathon.  I wonder if I had eaten more, I would have done better or just felt full running.
4) Starting off a little slower up front I think really helped - it really was forced due to crowd but still helped.
5) I followed the 3:55 pacer for most of the race.  I think I would do that again.  In other words, I liked running the race knowing I was five minutes fast because I knew I would need the extra time at the last 3 miles.  I ran about a 10 minute pace for the last three.  If I had run with the 4 hour pacer, I probably would not have met my goal.
6) Ken from Eastside Stony Creek must come to all my marathons and cheer me on from now on.  Seriously though, he really helped.
7) I need to add speed work and run more if I want to get my times any lower.  I'm not sure I'm that committed yet.
8) I think I'd like to do my next marathon just for fun.  Well, depending on which one it is.
9) I will not....I repeat....I will not train for two marathons in one season again.
10)  I still really enjoy the half distance.

Of course, I've learned more than this but this is what I came up with for now.

Question of the day?  What have you learned marathoning?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. It's so cliche, but to always "respect the distance". Hopefully, in the future, if I do that, then the distance may respect me-even just a little bit!

  2. I have learned too much for the comments section! That said, the badge is pretty sweet. Something I would definitely display on my sidebar!

  3. Congrats on #2 Jeff!!! Totally agree with #1 ... they are ALL HARD!!! Also on #8 ... all of the marathons that I have enjoyed and not been so focused on the clock were BY FAR the most fun and enjoyable! Great job again ... have a great day!

  4. Awesome job! I love the list. I learned a lot of the same things as you. Fueling along the way is definitely key!

  5. I learned during my 4 marathons is that they are not very much fun towards the end no matter what! Getting through the feeling that my legs were cement blocks for the last 6 miles was tough. I said I'm "retired" from marathons, but yet I want to do a full Ironman. I make no sense :)
    Congrats again on a great race!!

  6. I love your thoughts on the marathon and I agree with nutrition - I felt better in the race than I ever did on my long (18 & 20) runs; I fueled more in the race.

    Good luck getting Ken to all your races!

  7. Nutrition is a huge factor! I stand firm on my Gu/gel every 45 minutes.

  8. First of all, found your Twitter because Bart Yasso retweeted one of your tweets. So, that's friggin cool.

    Secondly, I've learned that the hardest thing in my life has to be Miles 22-26 of a marathon. That's like the largest mental monster out there. In each of my four marathons, my mind has been pretty much a ball of mush by that point and each step seems like a mile. Seeing signs that say "Only 3 more miles" is actually irritating to me because I turn it around and groan "*still* 3 ##$%!&* miles!" You can't really train for that, you know.

    Also, nutrition is very important! I've had a Clif bar, bagel and some Gatorade for breakfast before each of my big days, and before each of my 20-22 mile runs as well.

  9. Too funny and I have been to all of your events! I agree that speedwork helps and I expect to see you at Dodge Park on Tuesdays with the Hansons next year!

  10. Congratulations your race finish! That is awesome!

  11. All great lessons! You did so well because you did things right. To me the most important lessons are to eat enough and to start slow. Running a marathon for fun is a must. It is so much more enjoyable if you don't worry about time.

  12. I am learning a lot from post like this and from others that have run marathons. When I run my first full, it's list like this that will be my guidelines. Thank you for sharing!

    You did great!

  13. CONGRATS on marathon no. 2! i loved the detroit half, such a great course. i had a blast! the medal was pretty killer too, huh?