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Oct 2, 2011

Brooksie Way Half Spectator

Rest Day today.


This morning I got up early(well not too early) and headed over to the Brooksie Way route.  It was a perfect morning for a run.  I wish I was running in it but I knew it was for the best that I didn't sign up for it since I did a half two weeks ago and a full coming up in two weeks.  I went to cheer on the runners with my new Cowbell.  I received an overwhelming response to it.  I was just before the 8 mile marker right on a hill that's the tough point of the race.

I got to see all the runners from the fastest to the last.  I also got to see several bloggers and also got to see someone that I know personally that I have been following his training!  Here are a few pictures at the race.
Police car getting ready for the race!
The start crew ahead of the first runner - this is a small hill too.
The first runner!  Very fast!  I even got him floating! 
This guy dribbles 3 basketballs the WHOLE race!  Insane!
Meg(in her typical thumbs up pose) and Erika
Stephanie from a Short Girl Trying to Run
It was exciting to see Meg from Watch MeGo run, Erika from This Spartan Will, Stephanie from A Short Girl Trying to Run  and another person who yelled Detroit Runner(who was that?)  Yeah for bloggers running races!  They could not have had a better day, weather wise!

Conclusion - Running the race is much harder than spectating in the race!  Haha!

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I've heard this is a great race and based on your recap and everything I've heard, I think I'd like to run it sometime. I've raced in Michigan a few times and visit frequently (I have family in Royal Oak). It looks fun!

  2. You should do it Joanna. You would enjoy it!

  3. Stephanie is A short girl trying to run! :) It was nice seeing you cheering everyone on!! You looked a bit shocked when I shouted out your name.

  4. I was running up this huge hill at the race today and I'm thinking to myself "is that a cowbell?". And then I come across your blog. Thanks for cheering us on. I liked the cowbell.

  5. Stephanie - I'm so sorry! I'm glad you corrected me!!! Hope your race went well; I'll correct the blog. I knew I'd do something stupid like that!

    Hi Dave - No problem. I enjoyed being out there. Hope your race went well.

  6. :) I was counting miles thinking...i'm close to 8 miles. I half out of it and heard this cow bell. I ignored it at first and then I looked over and saw Jeff!! Hey! It was nice to meet you in person; even if it was for a split second!!

  7. Hi Detroitrunner! Found your blog while searching for Brooksie Way articles and pictures after the race. The race was fun and was my first half marathon. That hill that I think you were at the top of was a killer (the first hill was steeper, but the second was longer).

    I've been keeping a running blog as well at . I started running again this year after being "dormant" for nearly 20 years. Great to be back at it!

  8. Thanks so much for cheering us on and taking photos! It was nice to put a face to a name too! Good luck with tapering!

  9. My husband and I spectated at the 10 mile mark and had a great time! We walked down to mile 9 and there were people handing out beer. Ha ha. Anyway it was a good time and I hope to run this one next year!