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Apr 15, 2014

Let's start the training again.....

The chase for my first belt buckle
So even though I've pulled out of the Bayshore Marathon does not mean I've stopped running.  I just didn't feel up to the full in May but I am looking forward to starting training for the Oil Creek 50k in October.  I'll be meeting with my running buddies to discuss training further but here's a preliminary look at the miles I'm thinking.  I'm really trying to do something manageable so I'm keeping the miles maxed out at 50 miles a week.  Training will begin the week after the Trail half marathon on 4/26 and go allllllllll the way to October!

The biggest thing I'm changing is the back to back long runs.  I'm adding them back into the schedule for this round and I'm hoping I can keep from getting hurt but I'll also do the second day pretty slow - actually both weekend days pretty slow.  I also won't be doing any speed work.  The plan is geared towards finishing and feeling like I'm still human at the end.

Right now I also have one 5k, one 10k, 1-10 mile, 5(possibly 7) half marathons, 1 full marathon(possible 2) and a Duathlon in this schedule.  I've managed to fit them all in pretty good too believe it or not.  Of course, I won't be racing all of these but I enjoy running races and some of the long ones will help me get in the miles - over 900 of them.  This is the first time I've done a 24 week training schedule and I've modified it to fit the races but it came from the book, "Relentless Forward Progression"  Here's the original plan and then my calendar.
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So that's the plan!  Give me your thoughts.  What do you think?  Would you change anything?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. As you said it's about finishing, and not about going for a time or wanting to win.... So while I see you are scared of the 24 weeks of training, don't look at it like that... 24 weeks is far to long, so break it up. I like the idea of 4 weeks on and 1 week off. So we work hard and run the big miles for 4 weeks, then take a week off (I would run even in your rest/cut back weeks). Aim like this: block 1, 5 week of training and 1 rest (30miles or even as low as 10 miles) then block 2...

    My last block was 3 weeks hard and I was very pleased it was only 3, wouldn't have wanted to run a 4th hard. Like you I also have a couple of big races this year, like a 60km trail race and 2 marathon a week apart. So I will be running som big miles and resting lots...

    let the weeks unfold!

  2. Good luck with training! thats awesome! question: which duathalon do you recommend??? i live in farmington hills don't mind driving to far out . Thanks!!

    1. I've only done one Tri and this is my first Du. Both are put on by Tritofinish see their website. I'm doing the Race for the Border at Belle isle Du



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