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Mar 16, 2013

Google, come on

12 miles on the schedule today. Decided to just do 10 since I've got a busy day of volunteering at Kona Running Company's ShamRocknRoll Run.  Plus it was cold and snowy and I don't run for a living!  Ha!  A reminder I'll be ther from 1-4pm today.  They're sold out on the 10k so if you still want the triple crown medal still and not already signed up for the 10k, you are going to have to run the 5k but no medal for this race.  Next time around - sign up early - and that next time is now for the Kona 10 mile, 10k or 5k.


So by now no doubt you have heard that Google is dropping Google reader.  I will say that when I heard about it, I was both upset and confused.  Does it really cost that much for Google to maintain the reader?  I think it would be nice if Google would at least poll the people that use it which I'm sure is a lot of us.  I actually use an app on IPad called Newsify.  There seems to be plenty of readers for the IPad.  Perhaps plenty for the computer too.  I just think its easier to have things that play well with other Google products and what better way to do that than have the same company develop the software.  Apparently Google has not learned from the success of Apple.

Of course, I remember that about a year ago, Google said they were going to take away Google Friend Connect but it still seems to be working.  I keep getting new followers(thanks by the way everyone!).  It seems to me that google is doing what it can to get people to move over to Google Plus.  I can't say I'm a fan.  Last time I checked I had to set it up with all my personal information instead of Detroit Runner.  Perhaps it's changed since I last looked into it.  I like how Facebook works with Pages and Twitter can be set up with Detroit Runner as well. It just works better.

These changes have led me to again rethink about Blogger.  I can't imagine Google will mess with this since so many people use but it seems more and more are moving over to Wordpress in the blog world.  The best thing about Blogger?  $10 per year and that is just to cover the cost for having a direct URL like detroitrunner(dot)com.  I own the URL so i can change it to whereever I want but If I move to Wordpress there seems to be the nickel and dime theory there - but in dollars.  Haha!  I want customization and while I don't get really fancy here on the blog, it costs more on Wordpress.  A lot more and if you really want control, you need to self host which means monthly costs too.  I don't make money on this blog.  It's a hobby so I don't see the justification.  For anyone that uses or knows Wordpress, am I off base here?

I hope to see some of you later today at the ShamRocknRoll expo.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I had no idea about the 10 dollar per year. Oh the possibilities. You're doing a half marathon in a week, right?

  2. It has been a hobby for me too but starting to make some $ love blue host and if you need help switching I have just the girl, not me though!
    Glad family and I are registered for the 10K see you tomorrow and hope there is SUN

  3. I don't pay wordpress a single penny! The little things I don't like could easily be provided for $30 a year, but I'm too cheap to even think about doing that. What I'm eventually going to do is switch to another free platform like joomla and be done with it, but until is perfect :)

  4. I feel the same way about switching to WordPress...definitely more costly than Blogger. Until I make some money off my blog (which will likely be never) I can't justify the expense.