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Feb 19, 2013

#plankaday update

5 miles on the schedule today.  Due to the rain and wind, I only did 3 miles but will run 5 tomorrow.  Just getting out of bed was an accomplishment today.  As I woke up, I'm listening to the wind howl as the rain continued to pound against the window.  In the end, I was happy to get out for a run even if I cut it short.  What's with this stupid weather?


So I've been doing #plankaday for about the last six weeks.   Most of my plank's have been in the 1 to 3 minute range.  Here's my PR that I hit a little over a week ago.  I've not tried to go longer yet.
This one almost killed me! Ha!
 And here's what I did for last weeks training:

I challenged myself to do at least a 2 minute plank each day.  This week I went back to a one minute plank but, then again, I also did Yoga and Weights before I did it and a run after as well.

Some have asked whether or not I see a difference.  It's only been six weeks but I can already notice a difference.  No, it's not a huge difference but I can tell that my lower Abs especially are getting stronger.  I'm doing this as part of my overall fitness program but, frankly, I do them to help strengthen my core so that I can run better.

I plan to keep doing these all year so we'll see if there is a difference after that amount of time.  Regardless, it beats not doing them so I'll keep it up.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I've yet to incorporate planks into my ab routine.

  2. Yes I run, and I even get on the bike now and then, but other than that I'm lazy, so I think I need to get with the program... Plank a day is do-able. It's 5 weeks to my race, maybe as I start the lost block of training I should full up the program...

    1. Dude - you are far from lazy. Most people couldn't not keep up with what you do.

  3. Thanks for the Plankaday mention. I'm glad it's helping!!