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Feb 5, 2013

Momentum In-Ear Headphones by X-1 Audio

The people over at X-1 Audio sent me a pair of their new Momentum In-Ear headphones for a review.

Here's what I received:
X-1 Momentum
Remote Control
The headphones come with three adjustable earplugs to fit your particular ears.  They also come with an inline remote/microphone which I didn't use much but it does work well.  Since I have my iPod attached to my water bottle, it's each to change it from the unit itself but if you had it in your pocket, the remote would be very helpful(especially when it's raining out).

As you can see from the picture below, the headphones are also reflective for use in the dark.  When the company contacted me and asked me what I wanted to review, I just told them the following:  I run in the dark, in all weather, all year.  They felt these were the best fit for what I do(and I believe what my readers would like) and I would agree with them.  I'm really happy to add any kind of reflective material I can on a run so cars can see me.

The other thing I like about the headphones is that they don't feel like wires with a plastic feeling.  They feel more like rope and are very flexible.  Of course, one of the best features of the headphones is that they are sweat proof and weather proof.  I have gone through so many Apple headphones over the years and they are NOT made for outside.  I even had the guy at the Apple store say, "Oh, you run with them outside?"  Ah, yeah, isn't that what an iPod shuffle is for?

In ear design
I started using them with the longer earpiece(on the right).  I liked how it fit into my ear all the way and did not fall out.  After some time though, they grew uncomfortable for me to have the piece so far in my ear so I switched to the earpiece that was the middle size(on the left).  This was much more comfortable since they don't go so far into my ear and still remain in place.  You won't have to worry about them coming out as they were quite secure.  There is also a foam option as well(middle).  I preferred the middle size the most and used that 90% of the time.
Three sizes
Here's a picture to see how these fit.  Since it's Winter, I also wear a beanie over my ears.  The headphones go into your ear enough that I can still comfortably wear a hat.  In regards to safety, my suggestion is to keep the volume a bit lower when wearing these so you can still hear your surroundings.  In terms of sound quality, I think they were great for running.  In comparing them to the Apple headphones, the sound was not as good but certainly acceptable.
I have put these headphones through the rigger outside.  These could not have come at a better time.  Michigan has some crazy weather and the past two weeks were no exception.  I literally ran with these headphones in temperatures from 55 degrees down to about 5 degrees all over the span of the last two weeks.  I ran in a snow storm.  I ran in snow squalls.  I ran in pouring rain.  I ran in the freezing cold - less than freezing actually.  These headphones performed great throughout all of those conditions.

You can easily wash them down after your run and not have to worry about them since they are weather and sweat proof.  At $49.99, they are a little more than your iPod headphones but you won't be replacing these headphones due to any outdoor weather conditions.  They are a great addition to anyone that uses headphones for any kind of workout but I believe they are best for when running outdoors.  They also come in five other colors besides black so you ladies can choose what you like.

Interested in learning more?

Check out their website, HERE.

Check out their Facebook page, HERE.

Check out their Twitter page, HERE,

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

* Note - I received a pair of X-1 Momentum In-ear headphones in exchange for this review.  All opinions on this blog post are my own and I was not paid or required to give a particular opinion on the product.

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