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Feb 11, 2013

Emergencylink review

3.5 miles on the schedule today.  I ended up doing about 4.25 miles.  Pretty nice outside temperature wise but completely wet shoes from all the puddles and slush.


As you know, I'm all about safety when running.  It's especially important when you run alone or run in the dark and I tend to do both of these most of the time.  Because of this, you should always have some type of emergency contact information with you.  This is where Emergency Link comes in.

The service is free.  All you do is sign up on their website.  Once you sign up, you can log in your personal information and emergency plan.  Once that information is in, you will be able to share this information with family/friends - whoever you think should have this information in case of an emergency.

Here's what you receive when you sign up:
Intro letter and ID tags
You will receive ID tags that are good for your luggage, keyrings, wallet, back of your driver's license or cell phone and of course, for your shoes.  This way first responders will have the information they need should you not be able to give this information to them.

Attach to running shoes
Luggage/backback attachment
As you can see above, the information on the ID tags would have your personal account number and an 800 number that first responders could call in order to have Emergency Link contact your family members.

I think this is another great option in order to remain safe out there when running and, as a bonus, it's free.

Interested in learning more?

Go to their website, HERE.

Go to their Facebook page, HERE.

Go to their Twitter page, HERE.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

* Note:  I received no compensation in exchange for this review.  I just feel that everyone should be safe out there and this product helps with that.