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Dec 28, 2011

Tough run=satisfying

5 miles on the schedule today......

I don't always talk about my daily runs but this was a good one, believe it or not.

So last night, like every night, I go onto Accuweather to check out the morning's weather.  It was predicting in the high 20's with a "feels like" temperature in the mid teens.  The reason it was going to be so cold?  18 mile per hour winds......crap.

So now all I'm thinking until I went to bed was how miserable this run is going to be.  The morning then plays out like this:

4:45am - Alarm goes off.  I can hear the wind howling outside.  The weatherman was correct :(
4:50am - my wife says to me, it's really windy out there
4:55am - wondering if I should run today
4:55am - get up and get ready all the time thinking I should not run
5:05am - my wife comes out when I'm ready to leave to again tell me how windy it is....thanks dear.
5:10am - I'm outside ready to run...which way should I go - this usually determines my distance that morning.  I go right - my short route and plan to only do 3 miles.  It's too damn cold and windy out.
5:20am - This wind is killing me.  I don't even have a marathon planned right now.  What am I thinking?
5:25am - I should have ran on the treadmill today(you know it's bad when I'm thinking this)
5:33am - Ok, I'm almost done.(at 3 miles)  Thank God since it's so windy out.
5:35am - I'm about to turn back into my subdivision....but...I can do more.  Don't be a wimp.
5:51am - I did it.  5 miles.  I made it through it.

So the actual running of the five miles was not hard but getting through this run given the wind was tough mentally. I kept trying to wimp out and not do what was scheduled but I got though it - quite fast, I might add.

I would put this run in one of my top runs this year.  Why, you ask?  Because for those of you that have run a marathon(or even if you have not), this is how you second guess yourself when you are at the end of the marathon(at least I do).  While it was only 5 miles, I pushed my mind ahead and kept going which makes it a very satisfying run.  I came home feeling like I really accomplished something today - a very satisfying run.

Question of the day:  Have you had a tough run you pulled yourself through?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!


  1. When my neighbor got me into running, just trying to finish a half mile was enough to kill me. Now, I can say the toughest run I've had is the one that told me I had calf tears. That took me out of running for three weeks. All the way to the day of the half marathon that we had been training for. Talk about aggravation.

  2. Just found your site and hope you had a very merry christmas!! keep up the great work in 2012!!

  3. Kudos for getting out there in such crappy conditions! I feel the same way when I can power through something like that. It's harder for me now when I have to also push my daughter in her stroller! I don't want her to be cold/miserable so sometimes in means hitting the 'mill even though I don't want to!

  4. Great job, Jeff!! Way to push through it.